Song of the South
tv series

Song of the South


Year: 1997

Plot: In middle of Colonial period in Viet Nam, a kid that go on an adventure to finding his Father who he never met before despite of many dangerous.
Original Title: Dât Phuong Nam
Writer: Vinh Son Nguyen , Doan Gioi
Type: tv series
Year: 1997
Genres: Drama
Cast: Nguyen Hau , Vy Thanh , Can Mac , Kinh Quoc , Kieu Oanh , Nsut Thanh Dien , Lê Bình , Cat Phuong , Nguyen Trung Dan , Hùng Thuân , Phùng Ngoc , Lê Quang , Thúy Loan , Ho Kieng
Runtimes: 60
Countries: Vietnam
Languages: Vietnamese
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Rating: 9.1
Votes: 54
Year: 1997
Akas: Đất Phương Nam (Vietnam) , Song of the South (United States) , Song of the South (World-wide, English title) , Song of the South (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: Ho Chi Minh City Television Film Studios , TFS
Certificates: Vietnam:C13::(streaming)
Series Years: 1997-1997