Director: Eva Vik

Year: 2017

Plot: An experimental short film about a girl, Lou, who escapes her home planet to visit the Earth. (The second piece of the director's Transformational Trilogy)
Original Title: Somnio
Director: Eva Vik
Writer: Eva Vik
Producer: Eva Vik
Type: movie
Year: 2017
Genres: Short, Drama, Horror
Cast: Syrie Moskowitz
Countries: United States
Languages: English , Latin
Color Info: Black and White
Cinematographer: Eva Vik
Producer: Eva Vik
Art Direction: Eva Vik
Composer: Devin Johnson
Editor: Jeremy Edwards
Sound Crew: Eva Vik , Jeremy Edwards
Set Decoration: Eva Vik
Costume Department: Eva Vik
Production Design: Eva Vik
Seasons: Eva Vik