Something in the Air

Something in the Air

Director: David Frazee

Year: 2007

Season: 2, Episode: 6

Episodes: 26

Plot: The OCU has Dante's place under surveillance. Danny manages to obtain Dante's security code, which the OCU uses to break into his place to photocopy all his secret files. Desjardins learns directly from the DEA that they are collecting intelligence on Jimmy, implying that they are planning on nabbing him regardless of if the Canadian government orders his extradition to the US. They also learn through Mary that the Attorney General is also after Jimmy. Although Mary offers some protection specifically from the Attorney General, Jimmy still feels he needs to protect himself and moves Francine and Stella into Ronnie's apartment at the club. Based on a suggestion from Evans, Jimmy and Ronnie buy out Hogarty as lead for the Bahamas bank, a deal too good for Hogarty to pass up. Mary is asked by national security to monitor the Blackmire Group regarding corporate tax evasion. The Blackmire Group is an association of resource companies in Canada and the US that move their monies as to avoid paying taxes. Beyond regular electronic surveillance, Mary includes Julianna acting as an escort at the Backmire's meeting in Vancouver. Mary learns that Blackmire's chair, George Browne, is an ex-CIA assistant director and that the group's ultimate goal is to have a unified Canada/US, primarily to secure precious water rights. Making it look like a simple robbery, Francine steals Lorna's house key and breaks into her apartment; a distraught Francine discovers evidence of Jimmy and Lorna's affair.—Huggo
Original Title: Something in the Air
Director: David Frazee
Writer: Rick Crook , Sylvia Leung , Chris Haddock , Hiro Kanagawa
Producer: Chris Haddock , Laura Lightbown , Arvi Liimatainen , Charles Lyall , Stephen Surjik
Type: episode
Year: 2007
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Michael Eklund , Sophie Hough , Alana Husband , Stephen Park , Pascale Hutton , Curtis Caravaggio , Tinsel Korey , Graem Beddoes , Linda Kee , Leeah Wong , Leela Savasta , Ian Tracey , Klea Scott , John Cassini , Camille Sullivan , Frédéric Gilles , Gerard Plunkett , Matt Frewer , Dave Cameron , Fulvio Cecere , Tony Nardi , Kyla Wise , Kevin McNulty , Darcy Laurie , Ona Grauer , Peter Bryant , Shane Meier , Eugene Lipinski , David Lovgren , Ted Whittall , Derek Peakman , Craig Veroni
Runtimes: 45
Countries: Canada
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 05 Nov 2007
Rating: 8.1
Votes: 48
Year: 2007
Akas: Something in the Air (Canada)
Production Companies: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) , Haddock Entertainment , Showcase , Thunderbird Entertainment
Distributors: Ammo Content , Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) , Film1 Sundance Channel , Hallmark Channel Magyarország
Cinematographer: Stephen Reizes
Producer: Chris Haddock , Laura Lightbown , Arvi Liimatainen , Charles Lyall , Stephen Surjik
Production Manager: Tara Ellis , Tom Hastings , Michelle McCree , Julie Bannon , Charles Lyall
Art Direction: Catherine Lehman
Composer: Schaun Tozer
Editor: Lara Mazur
Editorial Department: Mark Shearer , Lana Gudlaugson
Sound Crew: Gord Hillier , Steve Szeto , Harley Paul , Jeff Shannon , Gina Mueller , Miguel Nunes , Craig Stauffer , Wayne Williams
Miscellaneous Crew: Brook Gies , Darin Mickelson , Heather Howe , Arthur Evrensel , Rick Crook , Sally Catto , Tim Mudd , Cathy Lauzon , Sarah Tarry , Judy Vesely , Elaine Fleming , Nancy Vibert
Other Companies: Clairmont Camera Film & Digital , Heenan Blaikie , Jones Brown Insurance , Kodak Canada , PPI Camera Corporation , Paramount Production Support , Post Modern Sound , Seasons Fine Foods , Technicolor
Costume Designer: Sheila White
Make Up: Katalin Lippay , Beverley Keigher , Tammy Bailey , Sarah Koppes
Assistant Director: Lee Knippelberg , Victor Landrie
Art Department: John Beatty , Louise DeGagne , Gordon Deyell , Marko Lytviak
Camera and Electrical Department: Satu Bell , Jeff Petry , Richard Eagan , Kevin Hall , Hugh Meikle , Wil Parrott , Sean Rooney
Set Decoration: Ian Nothnagel
Production Design: Michael Diner
Script Department: Jen Oberem
Location Management: Robert Murdoch , Chris Adams , Kris Kadzielski , Alan Bartolic
Number of Seasons: Dave Liboiron
Seasons: Susan Taylor Brouse , Lynne Carrow
Casting Department: Lisa Ratke
Season: 2
Episode: 6
Number of Episodes: 26
Episode of: Something in the Air