Shabad Aag Ki Khushboo

Shabad Aag Ki Khushboo

Director: Mukti Krishan

Year: 2019

Season: 1, Episode: 4

Episodes: 23

Plot: Shabad Aag Ki Khushboo is a soulful story of devotion to music. In Bhaini Sahib, Ludhiana, lifetimes are devoted to music. The young girls of Bhaini Sahib, alongside their selfies and their kulfis, have made an incredibly special place for Shabad (hymn) in their lives. Home to the Namdhari Sikhs, music is the very air Bhaini Sahib breathes. Children know the intricacies of ragas and swar before they turn 10. Their scooter rides and badminton games are punctuated by the soaring notes of the sitar, dilruba and tar-shehnai. Bhaini Sahib shows us the incredible power of music to approaching the divine.
Original Title: Shabad Aag Ki Khushboo
Director: Mukti Krishan
Producer: Bharat Bala
Type: episode
Year: 2019
Genres: Documentary, Biography, History
Cast: Shreya Ghoshal
Original Air Date: 10 Nov 2019
Cinematographer: Amal Sudhakaran
Producer: Bharat Bala
Composer: Varkey
Editor: Christy Sebastian
Editorial Department: Abhijeet Deolekar
Sound Crew: Christy Sebastian
Camera and Electrical Department: Christy Sebastian
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 23
Episode of: Shabad Aag Ki Khushboo