Seen You

Seen You

Director: Michael Nankin

Year: 2016

Season: 1, Episode: 2

Episodes: 65

Plot: In the days leading up to "The Rising," Vanessa is attacked and left for dead by an intruder. When Doc discovers anomalies in Vanessa's bloodwork, Axel and the marines come to retrieve the body, only to become marooned in the hospital.
Original Title: Seen You
Director: Michael Nankin
Writer: Karen Lam , Shevon Singh , Simon Barry
Producer: Zadoc Angell , Daniel March , Jeremy Smith , Jay Daniel Beechinor , Chris Regina , Todd Giroux , Dave Brown , Matt Venables , Joe Brusha , Ralph Tedesco , Simon Barry , Philip Chipera , Michael Frislev , Neil LaBute , Jackie May , Michael Nankin , Chad Oakes , Chris Rudolph , Evan Tylor , Jonathan Walker
Type: episode
Year: 2016
Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Cast: Ellen Ewusie , Rukiya Bernard , Chad Riley , Keith Arbuthnot , Dawn Chubai , Aidan Kahn , Fraser Corbett , Aaron Hutchinson , Bethany Brown , Nathan Witte , Alison Wandzura , Hilary Jardine , Donald Heng , Michael Meneer , Hannah Cheramy , Kelly Overton , Jonathan Scarfe , Laura Mennell , Tim Guinee , Paul Johansson , Rob 'Sluggo' Boyce , Marci T. House , Darren E. Scott , Rob Hayter , Jane Hancock , Kirby Morrow , David Cubitt , Vincent Gale , Aleks Paunovic
Runtimes: 42
Languages: English , Latin
Original Air Date: 23 Sep 2016
Rating: 7.0
Votes: 719
Year: 2016
Production Companies: Echo Lake Entertainment , Nomadic Pictures
Distributors: Dynamic Television , Pandastorm Pictures
Synopsis: We begin in 2016 Seattle, where news broadcasts report that the volcano at Yellowstone Park has erupted, sending a flurry of volcanic ash upon the Pacific Northwest. Vanessa is an unemployed single mom forced to give blood at a clinic to help make ends meet for her and her young daughter, Dylan.There are vampires among us even back then, though their numbers are few and they live in hiding. A bloodsucker named Bob breaks into the clinic and steals several blood samples, including Vanessa's. He gives it a taste in the car and immediately starts retching, coughing up the blood and going into spasms ...When Bob delivers the blood supply to his vampire pack, led by Dmitri and Rebecca, he is suddenly human again. What's up with the blood he drank? Rebecca orders one of her vampire goons, Balthazar, to track down the source.Meanwhile, Vanessa and Dylan return home to the sounds of their neighbor, Susan, being beaten by her no-good boyfriend, Tommy. Vanessa shows off some impressive fighting skills as she persuades Tommy to leave and never come back, much to Dylan's chagrin. Has Mom displayed a violent temper like this before ... and is she not always in control when it happens?This is just the beginning of what ends up being a very tense birthday for Dylan, as the cake is smushed and her dad in Denver ends up canceling her weekend trip (he claims it's because of the volcano, but both Vanessa and Dylan think it's so he can spend the weekend with some floozy).Things quickly turn tragic when Balthazar breaks in, engaging in a brutal throw-down with Vanessa that leaves her horribly bloodied and battered. Balthazar retches and runs from the apartment after tasting Vanessa's blood and Dylan bursts into tears as her mother seemingly dies on the floor in front of her.Vanessa is taken to the hospital, where Doc (whom we met in Episode 1) is bewildered by the fact that the body isn't cooling, rigor has yet to set in ... and the victim's blood still seems to be, well, alive. Doc contacts Grace, a Naval doctor and Doc's sister, who alludes to similar cases on her end ... and the fact that it's all classified, per the Pentagon itself.Later, Doc is eating lunch in the hospital cafeteria when she's approached by a military unit led by a no-nonsense Major, who demands to see the Vanessa's body. Just then, the hospital is enveloped in darkness as the volcano at Yellowstone goes ka-boom yet again, resulting in total chaos in the hallways as vampires attack. Two of the Major's soldiers, Axel and Ted (both of whom we met in Episode 1), are assigned to watch over Vanessa and Doc.Cut to three years later and we're in the world we were introduced to in Episode 1. Vanessa is still deep in Sleeping Beauty mode at the hospital, with Axel, Ted, Doc and two other soldiers, Smith and Gomez, holding down the fort, slowly but surely running out of supplies and going stir crazy.Meanwhile, it would appear that Dmitri and Rebecca have recruited the services of another doctor to conduct a series of experiments that will allow vampires to walk around in daylight. The results so far are gruesome and horrific, though the key to success may lie with a woman who's been mentioned in hushed whispers. This is, of course, our Vanessa, and Dmitri orders the doctor to find her and bring her to him ... alive.Back at the hospital, an increasingly despairing Ted has come up with a desperate plan: He, Smith and Gomez will walk the 40 miles to base, bring back supplies and hopefully receive updated orders that absolve them of looking after Sleeping Beauty any longer. The mission is a complete failure within the first 30 seconds as vicious vampires attack them in the street, during which Doc's arm is bitten as she's trying to close the hospital door.Axel tries to help Doc but it's too late; the infection has already spread. Axel prepares to mercy kill Doc but she begs him to spare her life. Axel relents, strapping her to a gurney and watching in horror as she turns into a vampire, growling and snarling and thrashing under the restraints.Oof. Bad day.
Cinematographer: Brendan Uegama
Producer: Zadoc Angell , Daniel March , Jeremy Smith , Jay Daniel Beechinor , Chris Regina , Todd Giroux , Dave Brown , Matt Venables , Joe Brusha , Ralph Tedesco , Simon Barry , Philip Chipera , Michael Frislev , Neil LaBute , Jackie May , Michael Nankin , Chad Oakes , Chris Rudolph , Evan Tylor , Jonathan Walker
Production Manager: Chris Rudolph
Art Direction: Carla Miranda
Certificates: United Kingdom:15 , United States:TV-14 , United States:TV-MA::(Netflix rating)
Composer: Rich Walters
Editor: Bridget Durnford
Editorial Department: Sheila Giroux , Jon Anctil , Michelle Panchuk , Jay Harada , Kevin Fairfax Harwood , Matt Wells , Michael Sangalang , Dan Millson , Dorita Lam , Emily Nomland , Claudio Sepulveda
Sound Crew: Steve Allen , Matt Willoughby-Price , Brian Lyster , Travis MacKay , Brent Planiden , Ian Robinson , John Sawa , Jeffrey Roy , Emmet Falconer , Matt Coffey , Josh Lewis , Tyler Rambie , Konrad Czaplak , Alexandrea Bjola-Desilets , Kirby Jinnah , Frank Laratta , Jason Lawrence
Visual Effects: Michael Nachoff , Ken Bitz , Ryan Epp , Shawn Duddridge , Richard Sinn , Steve Des Roches , Kimberley Walker , Chris Deger , Vince Paul , Weston Slater , Jeffrey Smolen , Sandra Myers , Aydan Rogan , James Frislev , Anastazia Gajdecki , Matt Vondette , John Gajdecki , Brae Norwiss , Claude Theriault
Music Department: Natasha Duprey , Jake Walters , Jacob Walters , Mikael Carlsson
Miscellaneous Crew: Linda MacLean , Kerri Boyce , Than Hadjioannou , Doran Chandler , Eric Lyde-Stad , Glenn Mowatt , Dal Watson , Sarah Ares , Mike Groner , Lisa Ciniglio , Christine Solberg , Alethea Sholomenko , Sara Holme , Stephanie Jacob-Goldman , Arjun Rawat , Spencer LaBute , Morris Chapdelaine , Derek Lowe , Nancy Elizabeth McKenzie , Tanis Dolman
Other Companies: Entertainment Partners Canada , Prop Movie Money , Revered Cinema (RVRD) , Zenescope Entertainment
Costume Designer: Farnaz Khaki-Sadigh , Wendy Partridge
Make Up: Katalin Lippay , Tana Lynn Moldovanos , Werner Pretorius , Jennifer Kaminski , Carolyn Williams , Leah Cuff , Alicia Chao , Candice Harvey , Ashley Osmond , Amber Crombach , Karly Paranich , Amy Bell , Alexandra Holmes , Daemon Cadman , Jayne Dancose , J.P. Mass
Assistant Director: Ashley Sawyer , Philip Chipera , Eddy Hardy
Art Department: Amanda Christmas , Cameron Boon , Andrea Weikert , Jan Stenc , Mary Hartlieb , Mark Jones , Baron Shaver , Steve Sisko , Miranda Middleditch , Jocelyne Lous , Vince Prokop , Catherine Gunn , Lizzi Pedersen , Mark Anthony Hogan , Raney Werneburg , Jade Landrie , Noni Peck , Lori K. Peterson , Colin Meacham
Camera and Electrical Department: Laird Pierce , Doug Nolin , Mark Edward Murphy , Bodhi Nolin , Kyle Pigeau , Corey MacGregor , Edith Cheng , Andres Nino , Todd Shelley , Erik Horn , Monica Chai , Keshia Smith , Alicia c. Snee , Matt Williams , Regan Enderl , Robin Lindala , Troy Bassett , Dan Power
Set Decoration: Jennifer Kom-Tong
Costume Department: Ruby Woods , Manuelita Kinsey , Joana Casado , Kit Pfeil , Amy Schilbe , Maxime Roux Robert , Natalie Simon
Production Design: James Hazell
Special Effects: Brant McIlroy , David Allinson
Videos: Video 1
Script Department: Sabrina Paradis , Gorrman Lee , Ann Marie Clark
Stunt Performer: Holly Raczynski , Atlin Mitchell , Matthew Mylrea , Cassandra Ebner , Gainaële Royer , Chad Sayn , Kimani Ray Smith , Lauro David Chartrand-Del Valle , Chris Webb
Location Management: Dan Carr , Mick Rochon
Number of Seasons: Rick MacKay , Dylan Waechter , Billy McRobbie
Casting Department: Stephanie Gorin , Jackie Lind
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Number of Episodes: 65
Episode of: Seen You