Santa Bárbara
tv series

Santa Bárbara


Year: 2015

Seasons: 2

Original Title: Santa Bárbara
Writer: Joana Pereira da Silva , Sarah Lemonnier , Nuno Duarte
Type: tv series
Year: 2015
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cast: Susana Arrais , Marco D'Almeida , Jean-Pierre Martins , São José Correia , Luís Gaspar , Albano Jerónimo , Nuno Pardal , Benedita Pereira , Filomena Cautela , Maria Simões , Paula Lobo Antunes , Rui Raposo , André Patrício , Gabriela Barros , Tiago Felizardo , Jessica Athayde , Jorge Fernandes , Romeu Costa , Duarte Gomes , Pedro Caeiro , Sofia Ribeiro , Helena Costa , Paulo Duarte Ribeiro , Bruna Quintas , David Carreira , Catarina Gouveia , Hugo Costa Ramos , Francisco Arraiol , Anna Eremin , Miguel Taborda , José Condessa , Alexandre Calçada , Madalena Almeida , Margarida Serrano , António Capelo , Luísa Cruz , Luís Esparteiro , Manuela Couto , João Lagarto , Cristina Homem de Mello , Marco Delgado , Sofia Grilo , Pedro Laginha , Diana Costa e Silva , Anabela Brígida , Carla Vasconcelos , Teresa Sobral , Durval Lucena , Duarte Guimarães , Afonso Pimentel
Runtimes: 55
Countries: Portugal
Languages: Portuguese
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD
Rating: 7.3
Votes: 68
Year: 2015
Production Companies: Plural Entertainment
Distributors: Televisão Independente (TVI)
Synopsis: From the depths of the earth to the heights of high society, Santa Barbara is the story of Gabriela, a young woman who take everything and who returns to regain all. At the same time, it is the story of a forgotten Portuguese Town who returns famous with the reopening of an ancient gold mines. As our protagonist, who will pass the largest trials to greater riches in search of a lost love, also the town of Santa Barbara will be the center of all the events and all the loves and hatreds, conflicts and dreams, dramas and cheers.Season 1The fictional town of Santa Barbara, once consigned to oblivion, is again the map with the official reopening of its old gold mines, operated by a consortium led by the powerful Antonia Vidal, a woman who rose in life at the expense of two marriages that ended badly for both husbands - the first died in an accident at least suspect and the current dies at his hands, soon after the opening of the mine that is now under the exclusive control of Antonia and whim. However, with the death of the patriarch, Alexander the stepson of Antonia who lived in Porto, returns to Santa Barbara. If the circumstances of this visit would be only for his father's funeral, when Alexander knows Gabriela, mining the earth young, everything will change. Especially when the two are trapped in a mine tunnel after a cave, where the fact that they are both running the risk of life will call sempre.O love that grows between Alexander and Gabriela will be put to the test when the Machiavellian Antonia start plotting the downfall of the mining, which will be prosecuted and sent to compulsively in a psychiatric clinic after an explosion at the mine which costs life to his own father but also to Fernando, the only son of Antonia, the true responsible for one fatality. Separated from Alexander and his son, David, alone and with no apparent chance to continue his life in the land, unless closed in hospice, Gabriela will have to run away and disappear.Season 2Seven years later, Santa Barbara is unrecognizable. With a golf club and a luxury hotel, repopulated with a young and enterprising population, with rural tourism, archaeological museum of ancient Roman mines, river beaches with water sports and large high-class holiday homes. And it is this new Santa Barbara to an equally new Gabriela returns. After years abroad where he won a fortune, Gabriela is back, determined not only the revenge of Antonia but also to restore justice and peace in the village, never forgetting Alexandre and hope to win back his lost love.
Videos: Video 1
Number of Seasons: 2
Series Years: 2015-2016