Russian Army in Chechnya

Russian Army in Chechnya

Director: Charles Jannasch

Year: 2012

Season: 1, Episode: 3

Episodes: 13

Plot: After the fall of the Soviet Union, many countries remained in dispute in the early nineties, despite eastern Europe's independence. In 1994 a bitter conflict broke out between the forces of the Chechnen independence movement and the Russian regular army. Despite overwhelming manpower, weaponry, and air support, the Russian forces were unable to establish effective permanent control over the mountainous area due to many successful Chechen guerrilla raids. Improvised Explosive Devices were one of the most effective methods employed in these disastrous raids and were the back drop to many close quarter battle scenarios exchanged between the two sides.—Anonymous
Original Title: Russian Army in Chechnya
Director: Charles Jannasch
Writer: Terry Schappert , Charles Jannasch
Producer: Hannes Nothegger , Charles Jannasch
Type: episode
Year: 2012
Genres: Documentary
Cast: Terry Schappert
Runtimes: 26
Original Air Date: 20 Sep 2012
Cinematographer: Jason Levangie
Producer: Hannes Nothegger , Charles Jannasch
Certificates: United States:TV-PG
Composer: Taylor Stevenson
Editorial Department: Jan Ali Moravec , Geoffrey R. Case , Daniel Kny
Sound Crew: Viktor Prasil , Adam Vones
Visual Effects: Victor Tretyakov
Miscellaneous Crew: Hannes Nothegger
Other Companies: Avion film
Assistant Director: Lukas Viznar
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Number of Episodes: 13
Episode of: Russian Army in Chechnya