Roll Britannia
podcast series

Roll Britannia


Year: 2020

Seasons: 1

Plot: These five British lads tried their hand at DnD for the first time and for some reason decided that recording their journey was a good idea. This comedy D&D Podcast is packed full of laughs, join the crew as they set sail for adventure.
Original Title: Roll Britannia
Writer: James Gregory , Tom Monaghan , Chip Butt
Type: podcast series
Year: 2020
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Paul Horton , Alex Troman , James Gregory , Tom Monaghan , Chip Butt
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Akas: Roll Britannia (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: British DnD 5e
Editor: James Gregory
Number of Seasons: 1
Series Years: 2020-2020
Creator: James Gregory