Road to Freedom: First Flight of a Nation

Road to Freedom: First Flight of a Nation

Director: Amine-Kais

Year: 2011

Plot: The story portrays young war-volunteers embarked in combat-aircraft training in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, China and USSR to fight during the Algerian independence war against Colonial France (1954-1962).
Original Title: Road to Freedom: First Flight of a Nation
Director: Amine-Kais
Writer: Amine-Kais
Producer: Amine-Kais , Safia Djennane
Type: movie
Year: 2011
Genres: Documentary, Adventure, History, War
Cast: Dahou Ould Kablia , Baghdadi Chaichi , Leila Boutaleb , Mhamed Bencherchali , Hocine Snoussi
Runtimes: 60
Countries: United States , Algeria
Languages: French
Color Info: Color
Production Companies: Ikosia International Film Productions , Urban Phobia Productions
Synopsis: The film portrays the extraordinary lives of young Algerians, today in their 70ies, who volunteered for the Algerian war, and who were directed to take on secrets airborn missions under the direction of the FLN (Algerian National Liberation Front). In 1956, they were sent to Egypt, Syria, Iraq, USSR and China for trainings on combat aircrafts such as MIG-15, MIG-17, Texan-6 & 11, YAK-11, Vampire, and MAC-9. In times where basic rights were denied to native Algerians, the intelligentsia of the resistance was preparing secret missions to short-cut the war, to support the freedom fighters inside the country while internationalizing the Algerian-case at the United Nations. Leading these missions were Krim Belkacem, Col. Amar Ouamrane, and Col. Abdelhafid Boussouf. The film is the testimonies by Mr. M'hammed Bencherchali, Hocine Snoussi, Chaichi Baghdadi, part of the first Algerian pilots along with Dahou Ould Kablia who reports on the vision of now-deceased political leaders.
Cinematographer: Richard Sands
Producer: Amine-Kais , Safia Djennane
Composer: Samir Madi , Hamid Mahrouche
Editor: Ariel Roubinov , Amine-Kais
Sound Crew: Anis Sahli
Miscellaneous Crew: Darryl Dickenson , Hamid Amirouche
Assistant Director: Dalil Kernane
Camera and Electrical Department: Darryl Dickenson
Special Effects: eColor Studio