Riz Ahmed & Darius & Abe Marder on Sound of Metal
podcast episode

Riz Ahmed & Darius & Abe Marder on Sound of Metal


Year: 2021

Season: 1, Episode: 241

Episodes: 384

Plot: They don't just have one guest for you on their latest episode of Soundtracking - or even two. No, it's a 'three-for' this week, as they explore the wonder that is Sound of Metal. Nominated for six Oscars and four BAFTAs, including shouts from both for the extraordinary Riz Ahmed as best actor, Sound of Metal tells the story of a drummer, Ruben, who is going deaf - with all the emotional trauma that entails. And Riz is one of their three guests, alongside director and co-writer, Darius Marder, who's in the hunt for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards, among other accolades. They'll hear separately from Darius's brother, Abe, who not only co-wrote the script, but also had the tricky job of articulating Ruben's descent into silence sonically as a composer on the movie. They also have to thank Abe for furnishing them with his yet-to-be-released music from the film, and Matthew at Nonesuch Records, who gave them the all clear to use it.
Original Title: Riz Ahmed & Darius & Abe Marder on Sound of Metal
Type: podcast episode
Year: 2021
Genres: Talk-Show
Cast: Edith Bowman , Riz Ahmed , Darius Marder , Abraham Marder
Runtimes: 72
Original Air Date: 09 Apr 2021
Season: 1
Episode: 241
Number of Episodes: 384