Director: Richard Boden

Year: 1999

Season: 1, Episode: 2

Episodes: 29

Plot: Barbara and Doreen find themselves competing for the attention of handsome young Dr Brown but when he clearly prefers to spend time with pretty computer operator Sandra they gang up on him. Martin,who now has his own TV spot Pondlife,finds himself an unwilling love object due to besotted weather girl Karen's obsession with his thumbs whilst Jean,though humiliated when boyfriend Phil gets into a public fight with a rival lollipop man,relents when he proposes to her. Taxi driver Ted gets his vehicle stolen by a Mr Spock impersonator but picks him out at the identity parade from his false ears.—don @ minifie-1
Original Title: Rivals
Director: Richard Boden
Writer: Graham Mark Walker , Mark Bussell , Rob Clark , Ramsay Gilderdale
Producer: Richard Boden , Mark Bussell , Justin Sbresni
Type: episode
Year: 1999
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Bryan Burdon , Emma Owen , Steve Mills , Gwen Taylor , Sam Kelly , Mark Benton , Elizabeth Carling , Sherrie Hewson , Madge Hindle , Benedict Sandiford , John Arthur , Michael Bell , Zöe Lucker , Christopher Villiers , James Warrior
Countries: United Kingdom
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 04 Jul 1999
Akas: Rivals (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: Carlton
Producer: Richard Boden , Mark Bussell , Justin Sbresni
Production Manager: Phil Jowett
Certificates: United Kingdom:PG::(video rating)
Composer: Peter Baikie
Editorial Department: Moyra Bird , Phil Moss , Scott Hinchcliffe
Sound Crew: Peter Knowles , Tim Partridge , Dave Sansom , Tim Wheeler
Miscellaneous Crew: Andy Foster , Pat Morgan , Andy Stenning , Daniel Crunkhorn , Duncan Chandler , Gaye Malpass
Other Companies: Carlton Studios
Costume Designer: Sally Plum
Make Up: Liz Trevena Tyers
Art Department: David Beeson , Terry Firth , Simon Sands
Camera and Electrical Department: Pat Melody , Phil Pearce , Robert Firth , Derek Constable , Adrian Huckfield
Production Design: Tony Ferris
Location Management: Idris Ahmed
Seasons: Karen Evans , Sally Fincher
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Number of Episodes: 29
Episode of: Rivals