Righteous Retreat

Righteous Retreat

Director: Royce Pentaghast

Year: 2022

Season: 3, Episode: 4

Episodes: 26

Plot: Agnetha and Turmell investigate poisonings at the religious retreat.
Original Title: Righteous Retreat
Director: Royce Pentaghast
Writer: Royce Pentaghast
Type: episode
Year: 2022
Genres: Short, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery
Cast: Lamar Lawrence , Joshua Law , Mike Keane , Jordan Abrams , Royce Pentaghast , Liz Corrick , Jacob T. Hodgetts , Keith Wiggins , Dominic Robinson , Shervine Thompson
Runtimes: 28
Original Air Date: 2022
Synopsis: Agnetha and Turmell travel to the Gordon Goodbride Religious Retreat, a mountaintop resort run by the megachurch family, the Gordon Goodbrides. After her encounter with the Demon the week before, who confessed to being behind the Red Fog and the Tattered Jackanapes slasher, Agnetha suspects the corrupted spirit might be behind a series of poisonings that have been tied to the retreat in recent months. Sure enough, the Demon has a vested interest in the retreat, and follows Agnetha to see his plan come to fruition.After a close encounter with a horse-sized eagle called a Heradontix on their journey to the retreat, Agnetha and Turmell meet Father Goodbride, and his two sons, the lazy Jacob, and the sycophantic Kevan. As the former retreats to the natural hot springs out the back of the retreat, Kevan and his reformed demon worshiping friend, Troy, put together a lunch for their guests. Troy however is haunted by visions of the Demon's arrival, while Jacob is put off from his relaxation by an overly friendly guest of the retreat. Father Goodbride must rely upon his recent arrived brother-in-law, Ray, to help him with his upcoming sermon.Politician Turmell meets with a high ranking party member who is staying at the retreat, hoping to appeal to him and get him onside and uncover the corruption within the party. However, Turmell finds the man is suffering from symptoms of poisoning that lead Agnetha to investigate the retreat in the first place. Agnetha gets a first hand experience of the Father's sermon that he claims will bring them closer to their gods. After a period of hallucinations and headaches, Agnetha figures the Goodbrides must be flooding the chapel with some kind of gas to bring about feelings of euphoria, leading to the poisonings.Investigating the retreat's backrooms, they find evidence that the natural gas farmed from beneath the mountain has been deliberately funnelled into the chapel to bring on the religious high the Father claims is the result of his sermons. Confronting the Father in his office, he denies ties to the Demon but confesses to the gassings, claiming pilgrims had been getting high off the fumes for centuries, but desperately tries to cover his tracks when Agnetha reveals this to the retreat's guests. The revelation is interrupted by the invasion of a flock of Heradontix, who smash through the chapel's windows. As the retreat's guests gather outside away from the birds, Agnetha sees the Demon once more, revealing he was behind the Heradontix attack and that Agnetha's meddling cost him his revenue stream. As the Demon vanishes when Agnetha asks why he needs a revenue stream, she and Turmell set about healing the retreat's guests from the harm the Goodbrides caused.
Season: 3
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 26
Episode of: Righteous Retreat