Pyar Hi Pyar

Pyar Hi Pyar

Director: Bhappi Sonie

Year: 1969

Plot: In order to win the heart of the beautiful Kavita, Vijay Pratap decides to masquerades as a wealthy industrialist and does succeed in winning Kavita's heart but Kavita has another charming admirer, Satish Raj, whose way-ward behavior cannot be understand by Kavita. But when he finds out about Kavita and Vijay's love he trys to create misunderstandings between the two, and does succeed in doing so and the couple split. He also gets to know the truth about Vijay and will choose all out effort to expose him.—gavin (
Original Title: Pyar Hi Pyar
Director: Bhappi Sonie
Writer: Anand Romani , K.A. Narayan
Producer: Satish Wagle , Rajaram
Type: movie
Year: 1969
Genres: Romance
Cast: Padma Rani , Sadhana Patel , Madan Kenny , Sulochana Latkar , Devi Chand , Khurshid , Moolchand , Sulochana Chatterjee , D.K. Sapru , Yunus Bihari , Laxmi Arya , Dalmia , Vyjayanthimala , Dharmendra , Pran Sikand , Helen , Dhumal , Raj Mehra , Madan Puri , Manmohan , Paro , Mehmood , Mehmood Jr. , Mansaram , Suresh , Krishan Dhawan , Shatrughan Sinha , Robert
Runtimes: 135
Countries: India
Languages: Hindi
Color Info: Color::(Eastmancolor)
Sound Mix: Mono
Rating: 7.0
Votes: 87
Year: 1969
Production Companies: R.S. Productions
Distributors: Ultra Media & Entertainment
Synopsis: Baby Vijay lives in an orphanage run by Savitri (Paro), after being abandoned there by her biological mother Yashoda (Sulochana Latkar). Yashoda was forced to do this since the man who married her in a temple, refused to acknowledge her as a wife. At the orphanage, Vijay is cared for by a widowed mother, Laxmi (Sulochana Chatterjee). Many months later, a wealthy man, Kailashnath Gupta (Raj Mehra), identifies him as his lost son and takes him home. Kailashnath comes to the orphanage and tells Savitri that he is the man who married Yashoda, and then did not have the courage to accept her in front of his father. Savitri hands over the baby Vijay to Kailashnath. After Kailashnath leaves, Savitri realizes that she handed over Laxmi's son to Kailashnath by mistake, and his real son is still at the orphanage.Years pass and Vijay (Dharmendra) grows up into a fine young man. He decides to find employment as a police constable much to Kailashnath's displeasure. He gets Rs 300 per month as salary, which embarrasses Kailashnath. Gogo 'RamMilan' (Mehmood) is Kailashnath's driver. Gogo loves Chham Chham (Helen), who is a rich socialite. To impress her, Gogo acts like a rich businessman and Vijay helps him by posing as a driver. Chham Chaam is the daughter of trader Jatadhari (Dhumal). Dindayal (Madan Puri) also has his eyes on Chham Chham. When she brings Gogo home, Dindayal tries to convince Jatadhari that he looks like Kailashnath's driver and not his son. So Jatadhari insists that Gogo invite them to his house and introduce to his father. Gogo blackmails all the house servants (who have misdeeds of their own) to serve him as Kailashnath's son for the time Jata and his daughter are at the house. Vijay pretends to be Gogo's dad to convince Jatadhari. They both carry out an expansive charade and convince Jatadhari, before Kailashnath arrives and unravels their game.Amongst Vijay's first assignment is to locate a beautiful young woman, Kavita's (Vyjayanthimala), who he falls head-over-heels in love with, missing father (missing for 2 yrs). Vijay's boss is Kewal Mehra (Krishan Dhawan). Kavita finds out that her uncle Diwaan Saab (D.K. Sapru) had received a phone call a few days after her father's disappearance. A man named Ashok (Pran) threatened Diwan that Shyam Kumar (Manmohan) has the knowledge of what happened to Diwan's business partner and Step brother. Diwan promised to meet Ashok in Bombay. She feels that Diwan & Ashok conspired together to betray her father, and Shyam Kumar knows where her father is. Kavita travels to Bombay and meets Diwan Saab, where Shyam Kumar is a regular visitor. When Vijay announces himself as the CID officer to Diwan, Diwan meets Ashok. Ashok says he only fears Shyam as he saw many things. Shyam is blackmailing Diwan and needs Rs 5000 to keep his mouth shut. It is revealed that Diwan and Ashok buried Kavita's father in the jungle, where Shyam took a photo of their dastardly act.Meanwhile Shyam also lusts after Kavita. Vijay and Kavita start off on the wrong foot, when Kavita mistakes Vijay for Shyam and spends an entire day in picnic with him. Later, Vijay attends Kavita's birthday party and Kavita asks Shyam to teach Vijay a lesson, but Vijay easily defeats Shyam and makes a joke out of him. Kavita is mad with jealousy. She writes a love letter to Vijay inviting him to a lake, while planning with the boatman to drop Vijay in the middle of the lake, since she knows that Vijay doesn't know how to swim. The boatman is good friends with Gogo and reveals Kavita's plan to him and the news reaches Vijay. Vijay sends the letter to Shyam Kumar and thus Kavita's joke is played out on Shyam. Shyam ends up in the water and this further infuriates Kavita. Eventually Kavita falls for Vijay's charms and the 2 fall in love. Kavita tells Vijay how her father disappeared 2 yrs ago and only Shyam knows where he is. Kavita finds Vijay is a CID officer assigned to her father's case.Vijay asks Kavita to write a love letter to Shyam. Shyam agrees to divulge everything to Kavita and calls her for a meeting, alone. Ashok overhears this and decides to kill Shyam. He calls Diwan, but the call is received by Kavita. When Kavita goes to meet Shyam, she finds him dead. Meanwhile Savirti runs into Kailashnath, but doesn't reveal the switch that happened several yrs ago. Kailashnath meets Kavita and wants to meet her parents for her wedding. Kavita says she only has an aunt, and her name is Yashoda. Even her husband left her and since then she stays with them. Kailashnath meets the aunt and figures out that it is his wife. Kailashnath begs her to come home to meet Vijay.Now Ashok starts calling Kailashnath, saying that his name is Satish Raj. Satish claims to be Kailashnath's son and says when Kailash came to the orphanage to pick his son, he was handed another kid by mistake. Kailash decides to confirm the truth with Savitri. Savitri admits her mistake. Kailash goes home and tells the whole story to Yashoda. Kailash takes Yashoda to meet Satish Raj, their son. Kailash wants to stay together with Vijay, but this is not acceptable to Satish. When Vijay finds out, he reaches out to Satish. He brings Satish home and decides to leave himself. It is revealed that Satish is not Kailashnath's son, but the real son of Savitri, who decided to insert Satish as Kailash's son to lay a claim to his wealth. Meanwhile, on the streets, Vijay runs into his real mother Laxmi, while saving her from a bunch of goons. Laxmi lives her son, Gogo. Gogo has a friend named Mehmood Ali (Mehmood Jr.).Yashoda introduces Kavita to her son Satish. But Kavita recognizes his voice as Ashok, the man she heard speaking on the phone with her uncle. The news reaches Vijay who is convinced that Satish and Ashok are the same guy. Vijay goes to meet Savitri, whose testimony was crucial to the whole issue. Savitri gets scared and calls Ashok to meet her, without knowing that Vijay was keeping an eye on her. Now it is confirmed that Savitri and Ashok know each other and are conspiring. One day, Savitri runs into Yashoda at a doctor's clinic and follows her home. Meanwhile a blackmailer (Shatrughan Sinha) calls Satish and says that Shyam had left evidence with him with instructions to go to the police if he died. the Blackmailer wants a deal of Rs 1 Lakhs with Satish, in exchange for the evidence. Vijay was tapping Satish's phone and heard the entire conversation. Satish calls Diwan and asks him to go for the money delivery, since Vijay has his eyes on Satish. Vijay hears this alsoNow, Vijay and Kewal have captured the blackmailer and Kewal poses as the blackmailer in front of Diwan, when he comes for the drop. Diwan admits to killing Kavita's father and is arrested by Kewal's forces. Meanwhile Gogo is talking to Yashoda and mentions how Satish came into the Kailashnath household, and became his son, displacing Vijay. and the whole thing was due to Savitri's mistake. Yashoda says that Vijay is her son, whom Kailashnath brought from the Orphanage and in reality Gogo is Kailashnath's real son. Satish and Savitri overhear the whole conversation and kidnap Yashoda. Gogo had gone to fetch Vijay. Muhammad Ali sees the kidnapping and alerts Gogo and Vijay. Vijay attacks with Gogo, but Satish manages to overpower him. Satish starts a fire to kill everyone, but Vijay fights back and saves Yashoda and Gogo. The police arrives and arrests SatishKailashnath accepts both Vijay and Gogo as his sons.
Cinematographer: Taru Dutt
Producer: Satish Wagle , Rajaram
Production Manager: C.R. Panchal , Narayan Singh
Art Direction: Shanti Dass
Certificates: India:U , United Kingdom:PG
Composer: Jaikishan Dayabhai Panchal , Shankarsingh Raghuwanshi
Editor: Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Editorial Department: M. Bashir , Khan Zaman Khan , Subhash Gupta , Shankar Pradhan , J.F.H. Van der Auwera
Sound Crew: Mangesh Desai
Music Department: Asha Bhosle , Robin Chatterjee , Sebastian D'Souza , Hasrat Jaipuri , Minoo Katrak , Kaushik , Rajendra Krishan , Mohammad Rafi , Dattaram Wadkar
Miscellaneous Crew: Ram B.C. , Herman Benjamin , Sudesh Gupta , D.R. Bhosle , T. Kishanchand , T.S. Raju , K.N. Joshi , Bhanumati B. Arya , S.V. Patil , P.L. Raj
Other Companies: Bahuroopi , Cine Syndicate , Dnyansagar Litho Press , Glamour Tailor , H.M.V. , Kamat Foto Flash , M/S Fine Investment Corporation , Ritz Hotel, Mahabaleshwar , Studio Shilpi , Taxila , United Sound Service
Costume Designer: Mani J. Rabadi
Make Up: Ram Tipnis , Bela Agha , S.N. Natekar , Dhiraj , Lucy , Balkrishna Pawar , Khatoon Rijal , Vasu Patil , Connie Rodriqes , Khurshid Ramwala , Meera Mayekar , Beena Banerjee , Dinu Indulkar , Shashi , Vidya
Assistant Director: Satpal , Madan Kenny , M. Krishna , Baba Benjamin
Art Department: Dilip Singh , Gurudayal Singh , Madhukar S. Shinde
Camera and Electrical Department: P.B. Chowdhary , Yusuf Kondaji , Arvind Kumar
Costume Department: Anand Gajapuri , Shankar Jadhav , Sudesh Mehra
Special Effects: Gordhanbhai Patel
Stunt Performer: M.B. Shetty