Purple Hippo

Purple Hippo

Director: Jez Hall

Year: 2014

Season: 1, Episode: 23

Episodes: 51

Plot: Wanda draws a purple hippo when she is teaching Alien about drawing. Alien uses his magic to make it come to life, but the hippo grows bigger and bigger by the minute. Eventually the hippo is too big to fit back on to the paper.
Original Title: Purple Hippo
Director: Jez Hall
Producer: Ed Glauser
Type: episode
Year: 2014
Genres: Animation
Runtimes: 10
Original Air Date: 16 Nov 2014
Producer: Ed Glauser
Composer: Banks & Wag
Sound Crew: Robin Cowap
Music Department: Anne Miller , Guy Michelmore
Miscellaneous Crew: Paresh Shah , Will Glauser
Animation Department: Lorraine Lordan
Season: 1
Episode: 23
Number of Episodes: 51
Episode of: Purple Hippo