Director: Nico Knapper

Year: 1988

Season: 8, Episode: 13

Episodes: 227

Plot: Lydie has to write a lecture for a group of farm women but can't find a single moment of privacy in her busy household.
Original Title: Privacy
Director: Nico Knapper
Writer: Alexander Pola , Chiem van Houweninge , Marina de Vos
Producer: Hanneke Kock , Nico Knapper
Type: episode
Year: 1988
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Pieter Silvius , Sjoukje Hooymaayer , Manfred de Graaf , Carry Tefsen , John Leddy , Hans Cornelissen , Elise Hoomans , Kiki Classen , Ad Hoeymans , Caroline van Gastel , Peter Smits
Runtimes: 24
Countries: Netherlands
Languages: Dutch
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Original Air Date: 31 Jan 1988
Rating: 6.0
Votes: 6
Year: 1988
Akas: Privacy (Netherlands)
Production Companies: Verenigde Arbeiders Radio Amateurs
Distributors: Verenigde Arbeiders Radio Amateurs (VARA)
Producer: Hanneke Kock , Nico Knapper
Composer: Ruud Bos
Miscellaneous Crew: Marcel Swartjes , Jan Rutger Achterberg
Assistant Director: Daniël Rooijackers
Art Department: Jaap de Groote
Costume Department: Coco de Meyere
Casting Department: Margarete van Dam
Season: 8
Episode: 13
Number of Episodes: 227
Episode of: Privacy