Primer Capítulo

Primer Capítulo

Director: Víctor Huerta

Year: 2022

Season: 1, Episode: 1

Episodes: 98

Original Title: Primer Capítulo
Director: Víctor Huerta
Writer: Luis Emilio Guzmán
Type: episode
Year: 2022
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Cast: Sigrid Alegría , Lorena Capetillo , Luz Valdivieso , Gabriel Prieto , César Sepúlveda , Max Salgado , Francisco Ossa , Catalina Benítez , Juan Carlos Maldonado , Valentina Acuña , Helen Mrugalski , Enoe Coulon , Ximena Garrido , Octavia Bernasconi , Daniel Alcaíno , Coca Guazzini , Alejandro Trejo , Osvaldo Silva , María José Prieto
Original Air Date: 22 Jun 2022
Synopsis: It tells the story of Catalina Cienfuegos (Octavia Bernasconi), a young upper-class woman who experiences her first love with a middle-class boy named Lautaro Cáceres (Max Salgado). However, Doña Piedad Azócar (Coca Guazzini) fiercely opposes this love affair of her daughter, due to her hatred against Lautaro's Mapuche descendants, until a pregnancy makes her take drastic measures. When the birth occurs, Piedad kidnaps Catalina and Lautaro's newborn daughter, making her disappear. She then tricks Catalina by saying that the baby has died of natural causes. This supposed "loss" causes the young woman to fall into such an overwhelming depression that she soon ends her relationship with Lautaro.Two decades later, Catalina (Luz Valdivieso) manages to completely rebuild her life, just as her mother Piedad wants; a life of luxury and shining perfection. She has married and has started a family with Cristóbal Gaete (César Sepúlveda), an impeccable and respected surgeon, who comes from a wealthy family. The apparently "perfect" couple had two daughters, Blanca (Helen Mrugalski) and Montserrat (Catalina Benítez).However, fate allows that in an adoption center where Catalina works, the reunion between her and Lautaro (Daniel Alcaíno) is established, who undertook their own paths separately, but who face the possibility that the daughter of both who lost in youth, maybe he's alive. Thus, Catalina and Lautaro will do everything possible to discover the truth that Piedad hides from them and find the girl who had been taken from them.The little girl was adopted by a young couple of lawyers, who were unable to conceive biologically; Asunción Echeñique (Sigrid Alegría) and Jaime Benavente (Francisco Ossa). With the help of Asunción's older brother, the renowned priest Francisco Echeñique (Alejandro Trejo) were able to keep the girl, who named her Muriel (Valentina Acuña) and made believe for all these years that she is her true daughter.
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Number of Episodes: 98
Episode of: Primer Capítulo