Poco's Flower

Poco's Flower


Year: 2014

Season: 3, Episode: 21

Episodes: 119

Plot: Poco receives a flower seed as a gift from a girl that he helped. He does not take the tiny seed seriously at first but soon gets amazed of the growing sprout and becomes very fond of it.
Original Title: Poco's Flower
Type: episode
Year: 2014
Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family, Musical
Cast: Claudia Zie , Jul Kohler , Patricia Kalis , Tea Wagner , Audrey Rode , Christian Wolf , Aramis Merlin , Constantin Cascante
Runtimes: 11
Original Air Date: 2014
Production Companies: DACAPO Productions , ICONIX Entertainment , Studio Gale
Sound Crew: Samet Yavuz
Season: 3
Episode: 21
Number of Episodes: 119
Episode of: Poco's Flower