Playing a ball-carrying game

Playing a ball-carrying game


Year: 1978

Season: 10, Episode: 18

Episodes: 3102

Plot: Big Bird finds it odd when he sees Bob waving his hands while listening to music. Maria, David, and Linda explain that he's practicing conducting for a high school music performance tomorrow. They sneak out of Hooper's Store to watch him and give him a round of applause when he's through. Cartoon- A cleaning lady (reminiscent of Carol Burnett's character) wanders into a music rehearsal room, plays each instrument, and puts all the sounds back into the wrong instruments. Guy Smiley hosts the game show "What's My Part?". The contestant is Mr. Nose. The panelists -- Bennett Snerf, Arlene Frantic and Cookie Monster -- don't know what a nose is, because none of them have noses.—hammerhead-dk
Original Title: Playing a ball-carrying game
Type: episode
Year: 1978
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Music, Musical
Countries: United States
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Original Air Date: 20 Dec 1978
Akas: Playing a ball-carrying game (United States)
Production Companies: Children's Television Workshop
Certificates: Greece:K , United States:TV-Y
Season: 10
Episode: 18
Number of Episodes: 3102
Episode of: Playing a ball-carrying game