Pioneers in Skirts

Pioneers in Skirts

Director: Ashley Maria

Year: 2020

Plot: Pioneers in Skirts is an inspiring documentary addressing the obstacles that can limit a woman or girl's pioneering ambition.
Original Title: Pioneers in Skirts
Director: Ashley Maria
Writer: Ashley Maria , Lea-Ann Woodward Berst , Stephanie Woodward
Producer: Crystal Lentz , Ashley Maria , Lea-Ann Woodward Berst , David Berst , Sara Lynne Wright , Edwin Pendleton Stevens , Brad Feld , Clay Woodward , Amy Batchelor , Len Shneyder , Dennis Dayman , Suzette Cotto , John McDonald
Type: movie
Year: 2020
Genres: Documentary
Cast: Brea Grant , Asha Dahya , Bridget Stokes , Mindy Bledsoe , Ashley Maria , Lea-Ann Woodward Berst , Kat Cole , Jess Blaise , Brad Feld , Jenn Duong , Madeline Yara , Lucy Sanders , Sarah Bird , Jane Park , Emily Rollins , Michelle Goldberg , Liz Pearce , Catherine Hill , Jenn Mann , Heidi V. Brown , Andresse St. Rose , Iman von Briesen , Sophia Schwinghammer , D.I. von Briesen , Jake Yara , Lia Schwinghammer , Jerry Schwinghammer , Lily Dionne , Joan Darling , Norman Lear
Runtimes: 60
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD
Rating: 8.8
Votes: 66
Year: 2020
Production Companies: Ashley Maria Productions , Skywalker Sound , Technicolor Sound Services
Distributors: BIG and Digital
Synopsis: Pioneers in Skirts is a feature documentary that is an engaging examination for the need to achieve gender parity at work and in our culture from the perspective of an ambitious female filmmaker who was frustrated with her own problems in the film industry.Soon after starting out in her career, she was shocked and confused over her experiences. Even though she received a Masters degree in Cinematic Arts, had won awards for her work (including a student DGA), and had experience under her belt -- she wasn't getting opportunities to be hired as a Director. She noticed people referring to her as a "woman-director," as if she hadn't yet earned the right to be called a "Director."When she asked her female colleagues about their experiences, she learned they faced similar obstacles. They were all feeling burned out and wondering "What did I do wrong? Am I not working hard enough?" They knew this career they've dreamed of would take a lot of hard work. But soon after starting their career, that dream seemed to be so very far away.Pioneers in Skirts follows Director Ashley Maria's journey as she examines the barriers and setbacks women -- in all industries -- confront in their careers. She discovers early on in her journey that many women battle a bias that is eroding their ambition and found mountains of research that revealed women start out their careers with more ambition than men, but as soon as 2 years out of college women's confidence and ambition plummets by over 60%. These declines came independent of marriage or motherhood status. And this phenomenon affects women across professions.Why the dashed expectations? Why the burn soon!?THIS is what Ashley and her colleagues were going through.At first Ashley was relieved to know she wasn't alone.Not finding many answers within her profession, she decides to expand her search to include other industries and society in general.Director Ashley Maria not only shares her own story within the film, but she follows the journey of 3 ambitious teen girls on a robotics team, their fathers, as well as a young mother who is up for a promotion - all while traveling the U.S., speaking to fellow pioneering women and topic experts who have solutions to share.Pioneers in Skirts is an inspiring portrait of perseverance and determination. By the end of her quest, Ashley finds out how we ALL can address the stereotyping and sexism that can chip away at a woman, limit her potential, and make her feel like she must re-think her dreams.
Cinematographer: Ian Asbjornsen , Elizabeth Yarwood , Rob Senska , Ashley Maria , Alex Parker , Jabari Harris , Elizabeth Coggins , Cameron Reynolds , Finnian Riley , Peyton Skelton
Producer: Crystal Lentz , Ashley Maria , Lea-Ann Woodward Berst , David Berst , Sara Lynne Wright , Edwin Pendleton Stevens , Brad Feld , Clay Woodward , Amy Batchelor , Len Shneyder , Dennis Dayman , Suzette Cotto , John McDonald
Certificates: France:13::(self-applied)
Composer: Alana Balagot
Editor: Tiffany Hope , Crystal Lentz , Ashley Maria
Editorial Department: Sean Meyers , Lauren Freedman , Daniel Horne , Harry Locke IV , David Morelli , Joe Bogdanovic , Angela Juzswik , Matt Radecki , Greg Lanesey
Sound Crew: Amy Reynolds Reed , Zach Martin , Vicki Lemar , Ashley Maria , Kimberly Patrick , Rebecca Chan , Qianbaihui Yang , Dylan Acio , Philip Hoover , Aaron Dworetzky , Ethan Molomut , Devon Kelley , Neal Gettinger
Visual Effects: Christian Klein , Ak Roy , Tom Bloczynski
Music Department: Pablo Vega , Johnny DelToro , Cass Stroehmer
Miscellaneous Crew: Lea-Ann Woodward Berst , Justine Patrick , Hilaree Caldwell , Max Gigliotti , Lauren McDonald , Suzette Cotto , Cole Watts , Rosalie Taylor-Robinson , Eryn Murphy
Thanks: Amanda Tasse , Stewart Hopewell , Chad Rittenbaum , Lauren Olipra , Sonja Warfield , Will Blank , Aaron Covington , Leah Warshawski , Roozbeh Dadvand , Maritte Lee Go , Richard Sanchez , Vince Gonzales , Adair Cole , Paloma Riojas , Blair Raynor , Liz Manashil , Helen Kearns , Carolyn Corbett , Jason Jamieson , Satomi M. Martin , Itai Levin , Josie Azzam , Emily Peters , Marcello Dubaz , Will Jobe , Kimberly Patrick , Biz Thorsen , Barb Steele , Rebecca Louisell , Laura Wiest , Shiran Carolyn Amir , Billy Keenly , Dawn Kamoche , Evan Underwood , Rhea Uhl , Jill Zivley , Jennifer Gentry , Jane Park , Suzette Cotto , James Pita , Marjory Hopper , Vanessa Bennett , Parrish Frisbee , Lucas Wiseman , Amy Adrion , Beau Baker , Maria Giese , Dan Lebental , Destri Martino , Reine-Claire , Devin Sidell
Other Companies: Different by Design , Skywalker Sound , Technicolor Sound Services , Technicolor Sound , Technicolor
Make Up: Cindy Escalante , Suzanne Blons
Assistant Director: Justin Ryan Madriaga
Art Department: Jen Van Horn
Camera and Electrical Department: Janine Sides , Jeanne Tyson , Ryan Berst , Adam Jefferson , Miriam McSpadden , Lauren McDonald , Melina Steensen , Carlo Vega , Larry E. Evans , Tim McKay