Pink Floyd: The Wall

Pink Floyd: The Wall

Director: Alan Parker

Year: 1982

Plot: A confined but troubled rock star descends into madness in the midst of his physical and social isolation from everyone.
Original Title: Pink Floyd: The Wall
Director: Alan Parker
Writer: Roger Waters
Producer: Stephen O'Rourke , Jake Eberts , Alan Marshall , Garth Thomas
Type: movie
Year: 1982
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Music
Cast: David Bingham , Jason Dors Lake , Bob Geldof , Christine Hargreaves , James Laurenson , Eleanor David , Kevin McKeon , Bob Hoskins , Jenny Wright , Alex McAvoy , Ellis Dale , James Hazeldine , Ray Mort , Margery Mason , Robert Bridges , Michael Ensign , Marie Passarelli , Winston Rose , Joanne Whalley , Nell Campbell , Emma Longfellow , Lorna Barton , Rod Bedall , Peter Jonfield , Phil Davis , Gary Olsen , Eddie Tagoe , Dennis Fletcher , Jonathan Scott , Joanna Dickens , John Scott Martin , Marilyn Thomas , Brenda Cowling , Michael Burrell , Malcolm Rogers , John Broughton , Jon Paul Morgan , Albert Moses , Vincent Wong , Marc Atwood , Lucita Lijertwood , Betty Whelan , David Fleeshman , Joanna Andrews , Diana King , Roger Kemp , David Smythe , Keith Wray , Harry Fielder , Debbie King , Roger Waters
Runtimes: 95
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 2.20 : 1 (70 mm prints)
Sound Mix: 70 mm 6-Track::(70 mm prints) , Dolby Stereo::(35 mm prints) , Mono::(some 35 mm prints)
Original Air Date: 14 Jul 1982 (France)
Rating: 8.0
Votes: 84043
Year: 1982
Akas: The Wall (Belgium, English title) , Pink Floyd - The Wall (Germany) , Pink Floyd: The Wall (El muro) (Spain) , Pink Floyd: El muro (Spain) , 迷墙 (China, Mandarin title)
Production Companies: Goldcrest Films International , Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer , Tinblue
Distributors: United International Pictures (UIP) , Goldcrest Films International , Cinema International Corporation (CIC) , Cinema International Corporation (CIC) , Cinema International Corporation (CIC) , Cinema International Corporation (CIC) , Constantin Film , MGM/UA Entertainment Company , United Artists Classics , United International Pictures (UIP) , United International Pictures (UIP) , United International Pictures (UIP) , United International Pictures (UIP) , Cinema International Corporation (CIC) , United International Pictures (UIP) , MGM/UA Home Entertainment , Thorn EMI , Metro Goldwyn Mayer , Argentina Video Home , CEL , Constantin Video , MGM Home Entertainment , VideoVisa , PolyGram Music Video , Warner Home Video , M6 , VH1 Television , Chapel Distribution , Warner Home Video , Columbia Music Video , Sony Music Entertainment Australia , Sony Music Entertainment , Sony Music Entertainment , Sony Music Entertainment , Cable Hogue Co. , Sony BMG Music Entertainment , Spectra Filmworks , IDA films , Warner Bros. , Adansonia , Facebook Watch , Image Entertainment , Polygram Filmed Entertainment , Sony Music Entertainment , Sony Music Video (SMV) Enterprises , Sony Music Video , Sony Music , Vídeo Arte
Synopsis: The film depicts the construction and ultimate demolition of a metaphorical wall. Though the film's symbolism is open to interpretation, the wall itself clearly reflects a sense of isolation and alienation.The protagonist (and unreliable narrator) of the film, Pink (Bob Geldof) is a rock star, one of several reasons behind his apparent depressive and detached emotional state. He is first seen in a quiet hotel room, having trashed it. The opening music is not by Pink Floyd, but is the Vera Lynn recording of "The Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot". During the following scenes, it is revealed that Pink's father, a British soldier, was killed in action during World War II during Pink's infancy. The reference is almost certainly to the death of Roger Waters' real-life father, Eric Fletcher Waters, who died in combat in Italy during Operation Shingle (the Battle of Anzio) in February 1944. ("When the Tigers Broke Free, Part I"). The stampede of a modern rock concert is compared to soldiers running out of the foxholes to engage in combat ("In the Flesh?")The movie then flashes back to Pink as a young English boy growing up in the early 1950s. Pink longs for a father figure ("Another Brick in the Wall, Part I"). He discovers a scroll from "kind old King George" and other relics from his father's military service and death ("When the Tigers Broke Free, Part II"). One item he finds, a bullet, is placed on the track of an oncoming train, where he sees non-descript people riding the train. At school, he is caught writing poems in class and humiliated by the teacher who reads a poem (part of verse 2 of the song "Money"). It is revealed that the teacher is verbally abusive to the students because his wife is verbally abusive to him ("The Happiest Days of Our Lives"). Young Pink imagines a surrealistically oppressive school system in which children fall into a meat grinder. The children then rise in rebellion and destroy the school, carrying the teacher away to an unknown fate ("Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)"). Pink is also negatively affected by his overprotective mother ("Mother"). Such traumatic experiences are represented as "bricks" in the metaphorical wall he constructs around himself that divides him from society ("Empty Spaces").As an adult, Pink eventually marries, but he and his wife soon grow apart. While he is in the United States on tour, Pink learns that his wife is having an affair ("Young Lust"). He turns to a willing groupie (Jenny Wright), whom he brings back to his hotel room only to trash it in a violent anger, terrifying the groupie out of the room ("One of My Turns"). After she leaves screaming, Pink goes into a deep depression ("Don't Leave Me Now"). After smashing the television with his guitar, he vows that he doesn't need "anyone at all" ("Another Brick in the Wall, Part III"). With that, he mentally completes the wall that he started building to protect himself from being hurt ("Goodbye Cruel World").Pink slowly begins to lose his mind to metaphorical "worms". He shaves off all of his body hair (an incident inspired by former bandmate Syd Barrett, who appeared at a 1975 recording session of "Wish You Were Here", having shaved his eyebrows and body hair) and, while watching The Dam Busters (1955) on television, morphs into his neo-Nazi alter-ego. Pink's manager (Bob Hoskins), along with the hotel manager (Michael Ensign) and some paramedics, break into the hotel room and discover Pink. They take him away into a waiting limousine outside the hotel and inject him with drugs to enable him to perform ("Comfortably Numb").Pink fantasizes that he is a dictator and his concert is a neo-Nazi rally. Nazi-Pink holds a rally, and looks for people who are different, "queers", "coons", dopers, and orders them "against the wall". ("In the Flesh"). His followers proceed to attack ethnic minorities ("Run Like Hell"), and Pink holds a rally in suburban London ("Waiting for the Worms"). The scene is intercut with images of animated marching hammers that goose-step across ruins. Pink then stops hallucinating and screams "Stop!" and takes refuge in a bathroom stall at the concert venue, reciting poems which would later be used as lyrics on Pink Floyd's "Your Possible Pasts" from "The Final Cut" album and "5:11 AM (The Moment of Clarity)" from Roger Waters' album "The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking".In a climatic animated sequence, Pink puts himself on trial ("The Trial"). He is depicted as a small pink rag doll that rarely moves. The judge is a giant pair of buttocks, with two backward facing legs, an anus for a mouth and a scrotum for a chin. The lawyer is a tall, menacing, vulture-like man and the schoolmaster is an abusive, hateful marionette. After hearing from the parties and witnesses (Pink's wife and mother), the judge orders the wall to be torn down. Following a prolonged silence, the wall explodes and shows a montage of events from the entire film, and Pink is last heard screaming. The film concludes with three children cleaning up a pile of debris after an earlier riot ("Outside the Wall"). It is unknown whatever has happened to Pink, leaving the viewer to decide.
Cinematographer: Peter Biziou
Producer: Stephen O'Rourke , Jake Eberts , Alan Marshall , Garth Thomas
Production Manager: Lance Paul , Peter Kohn , David Wimbury
Art Direction: Chris Burke , Clinton Cavers
Box Office: GBP12,000,000 (estimated)
Certificates: Argentina:18 , Argentina:16 , Australia:M , Brazil:16 , Bulgaria:C , Canada:R::(Nova Scotia) , Canada:18A::(Nova Scotia) , Canada:13+::(Québec) , Canada:14A::(VHS rating) , Canada:18A , Chile:14 , Chile:18::(VHS rating) , Czechia:12 , Denmark:15 , Finland:K-16 , France:12 , Germany:16 , Hong Kong:IIB , India:Not Rated , Indonesia:Not Rated , Ireland:15 , Israel:18 , Italy:VM14 , Japan:R15+ , Malaysia:P13 , Mexico:B , Netherlands:AL , New Zealand:R16 , Nigeria:12 , Norway:15::(TV rating) , Norway:16::(cinema rating) , Peru:18 , Peru:14 , Philippines:R-13 , Portugal:M/18 , Russia:16+ , Saudi Arabia:Not Rated , Singapore:M18 , South Africa:16 , South Korea:15::(DVD) , South Korea:18 , South Korea:18::(video rating) , South Korea:(Banned)::(1982-1991) , Spain:18 , Spain:12 , Spain:13::(video) , Sweden:15 , Taiwan:R-12 , Turkey:15+ , United Kingdom:AA , United Kingdom:15 , United States:TV-14::(LSV, TV Rating.) , United States:R , Vietnam:C16 , West Germany:16
Composer: Roger Waters
Editor: Gerry Hambling
Editorial Department: Clive Barrett , Jeremy Gibbs , Leonard Green , Robert Hambling
Sound Crew: Derek Lyons , Kim Richards , Rowland Fowles , James Guthrie , Graham V. Hartstone , Eddy Joseph , Nicolas Le Messurier , Gordon K. McCallum , Alan Paley , Alan Pattillo , Ken Weston , Clive Winter , Jonathan Andrews
Visual Effects: Philip Sharpe , Tim Ollive , David Smith , Tony Willis
Music Department: John McClure , Andy Jackson , Freddie Mandell , Stan Farber , Joe Porcaro , Nigel Taylor , National Philharmonic Orchestra , Andy Brown , Michael Carter , Joe Chemay , Noël Davies , Robert Ezrin , David Gilmour , James Guthrie , Jon Joyce , Michael Kamen , Brian Lintern , Nick Mason , Pink Floyd , Jeff Porcaro , Lee Ritenour , Steve Sidwell , Toni Tennille , Roger Waters , Richard Wright , Harry V. Lojewski
Miscellaneous Crew: Jenny Steele , Liz Watson , Nick Price , Allen Burry , Paul Cadiou , Robin Demetriou , Sue Edwards , Gillian Gregory , Christopher Knowles , Angela Micklesburgh , Sally Shewring
Thanks: Peter Fischer
Other Companies: Avon Books , Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment , Ciné-Titres , Islington Green School Choir , Lee Lighting , Panavision , Peerless Camera Company , Picturehead Productions , Pinewood Studios , Pontardulais Male Voice Choir
Costume Designer: Penny Rose
Animation Department: Angela Kovacs , Judy Howieson , Les Matjas , Roland Carter , Michael Gabriel , George Murphy , Nick Burgess-Jones , Greg Miller , Chris Caunter , Steve Colwell , Bill Hajee , Alastair McIlwain , Gerald Scarfe , Carol Slade , Mike Stuart , Alan Best , Malcolm Draper , Sandy Houston , Sean Newton
Make Up: Paul Engelen , Peter Frampton , Barry Richardson , Martin Samuel
Assistant Director: Ray Corbett , Steve Harding , Kieron Phipps , Gerald Scarfe
Art Department: Katie Kilroy , Grahame Ménage , David Appleby , Andy Warne , Jill Brooks , Duncan Guest , Mal Zawadzki , Andrew Ackland-Snow , Terry Apsey , Mick Chubbock , Charles Cottrell , Paul Duff , Bernie Hearn , Dave Jordan , John King , Martin Kingsley , Jim Morahan , Arnold Oke , Terry Perks , Tony Rimmington , Janet Shearer , Bob Sherwood , Michael Spivey , John Wells , John Wilson , Ray Norris
Camera and Electrical Department: David Appleby , Ronald Anscombe , George Beavis , Tony Brown , Joe Finn , Dennis Fraser , David Garfath , Jeremy Gee , Chris King , Colin Manning , John Stanier , Chris Tanner , John Tythe , Robert Edward Crawford , Martin Evans , Ray Meehan , Ronnie Rampton , Jim Smart
Costume Department: Pat Griffiths , Ken Crouch , John Hilling , Pip Newbery , Penny Rose
Production Design: Brian Morris
Special Effects: Nick Finlayson , Martin Gutteridge , Graham Longhurst , Neil Corbould , Ricky Farns , Jimmy Harris , Garth Inns
Videos: Video 1 , Video 2
Script Department: Jenny Reid
Stunt Performer: Peter Brayham , Terry Cade , Nick Gillard , Greg Powell , Stuart St Paul
Seasons: Celestia Fox
Casting Department: Margery Simkin
Special Effects Companies: Camera Effects , Effects Associates , Peerless Camera Company