Director: Mr. Zito

Year: 2019

Plot: A masked man in a suit gains access to an apartment; secretly, systematically and silently kills everyone present in a bestial way. Unnoticed, he leaves the scene. On a weekend trip some time later, Samantha and her friends realize that this incident was probably not the only one, because the culprit has left a trail of horror. Without further ado, they decide to do some research on the matter themselves, without realizing what they are going to do for a chain reaction.
Original Title: Phonomanie
Director: Mr. Zito
Writer: Mr. Zito
Producer: Mr. Zito
Type: movie
Year: 2019
Genres: Horror
Cast: Thomas Goersch , Florian Glöckler , Stefan Mitte , Birgit Richter , Marie Richter , Sabine Wedde , Daniel Broßmann , Philipp Pietsch , Robert Müller , Kay Herrmann , Maik Albrecht , Sandra Herrmann , Anne Kaiser , Matthias Rink , Henriette Klose , Henriette Thürmer , Sabine Schulz , Linda Pokoy , Susann Erdmann , Josefine Thürmer , Paul Mühlberg , Ulrike Bernstein , Janet Wiedbusch , Lyann Wiedbusch , Janette Pissang , Christin Heinig , Katharina Penschke , Anett Feuereiß
Runtimes: 90
Countries: Germany
Languages: German
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 12 Oct 2019 (Germany)
Rating: 2.3
Votes: 39
Year: 2019
Akas: Фономания (Russia)
Production Companies: Dark Corridor Entertainment
Cinematographer: Mr. Zito
Producer: Mr. Zito
Box Office: EUR15,000 (estimated)
Certificates: Austria:16
Composer: Stephan Ortlepp
Editor: Mr. Zito
Sound Crew: Stephan Ortlepp
Miscellaneous Crew: Stefan Peschmann , Katharina Sachse
Make Up: Sandra Herrmann , Anett Feuereiß
Art Department: Stefan Peschmann , Philipp Pietsch , Anett Feuereiß
Camera and Electrical Department: Andre Biehs
Special Effects: Peschmann. Stefan