Year: 2020

Season: 2, Episode: 2

Episodes: 28

Plot: Bob returns to El Dorado and impresses its owner Laurent by successfully hitting on the new bartender. While still in prison, Ferry plots revenge.
Original Title: Pentagon
Writer: Nico Moolenaar , Piet Matthys , Bart Uytdenhouwen
Type: episode
Year: 2020
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Cast: Tom Waes , Anna Drijver , Juda Goslinga , Robrecht Vanden Thoren , Ruth Becquart , Sebastien Dewaele , Jeroen Van der Ven , Sanne-Samina Hanssen , Emma Verlinden , Rico Verhoeven , Sarah Vandeursen , Celest Henri Cornelis , Elisa Decock , Patrick Ruyter , Jim Dierckx , Touria Sadiki , Evy Willems , Wim Willaert , Manou Kersting , Frank Lammers , Benja Bruijning , Wimie Wilhelm , Chris Lomme , Ingrid De Vos , Ludo Hoogmartens , Danny Wuyts
Runtimes: 48
Countries: Netherlands , Belgium
Languages: Dutch
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD
Sound Mix: Stereo
Original Air Date: 13 Sep 2020
Rating: 7.2
Votes: 399
Year: 2020
Akas: Pentagon (Netherlands)
Production Companies: deMENSEN
Distributors: Eén , Netflix
Synopsis: Bob (Steve) infiltrates at 'El Dorado' and successfully hits on bartender Sharon. Sharon turns out to be an undercover as well who has been infiltrating at El Dorado for two months. Laurent invites Bob for an evening of Linedance on Sharon's behalf. That same night JP berates Laurent for causing their arms deal in Sudan to fall through. Laurent is humiliated and responds with heavy drinking after which decides to fight Bob. Bob is seriously injured and his boss doubts whether his involvement in the case.Nathalie interviews for a job in Limburg (2 hours away) without informing Laurent. Laurent finds out and is not pleased at the outlook of Nathalie and Jackson moving away from him. Although he promises her to help her, he sabotages the procedure by giving an awful reference.In an attempt to keep his brother happy JP asks Nathalie not to take the job referring to past events. He threatens Nathalie not to take Jackson away from Laurent as the family celebrates Jackson's birthday.Ferry orders his lawyer to find out Bob's true identity. Simultaneously Henk Swaab attempts to find out more about 'Peter' by posing as an undercover that used to work with Kim. He approaches Kim's former boyfriend but he is not easily fooled.Bob and his daughter Polly have a falling out over acting out and being stoned at school. Polly demands to know what her father does for a living. Bob refuses to answer the question and Polly runs away. Bob attempts to make amends but Polly has already decided to go looking for answers herself at camping Zonnedauw in Limburg, the former seat of Ferry.
Production Manager: Frédéric Gies
Certificates: Netherlands:12 , United States:TV-MA
Editor: Gert Fimmers
Editorial Department: Xavier Dockx
Sound Crew: Jan Hessens , Roeland Schampaert , Romain Drouillon , Lode Wellens , David A. Cobb , Jacek Wisniewski , Filip Stefanowski , Matijs Guypen , Jesús M. Rodríguez , Tom Wollaert , Arne Thomas , Krzysiek Chodkiewicz , Natalia Lubowiecka , Bart Martens
Visual Effects: Corentin Laplatte
Music Department: Wim Coryn , Mounir Hathout
Costume Designer: Manu Verschueren
Make Up: Rob Hillenbrink
Assistant Director: Wouter Boels , Viktor Renson , Jerina Devolder
Art Department: Jonathan Van Essche
Camera and Electrical Department: Dieter De Bock , Korneel Moeyaert , Joachim Reniers
Costume Department: Ellen Lloyd , Mathilde De Wit
Special Effects: Cis Deman
Script Department: Julie Vanlerberghe
Stunt Performer: Olivier Bisback
Seasons: Ann Willems
Season: 2
Episode: 2
Number of Episodes: 28
Episode of: Pentagon