Paul Sorbo


Paul Sorbo


Year: 2019

Season: 1, Episode: 28

Episodes: 31

Plot: Not many 25-year-olds can say that they developed and sold a chain of highly successful nutritional stores, created an innovative addition to the health and wellness market and holds an executive role in a groundbreaking brain health assessment company. But, Paul Sorbo has done just that. With such a deep passion for wellness and preventative healthcare Paul is making his mark on the world. Paul joins Serena to discuss his passion for preventative healthcare and the incredible brain performance technology he works with and how it can impact the future of healthcare.—Serena Poon
Original Title: Paul Sorbo
Type: episode
Year: 2019
Genres: Talk-Show
Cast: Serena Poon
Original Air Date: 25 Oct 2019
Season: 1
Episode: 28
Number of Episodes: 31
Episode of: Paul Sorbo