Party Out


Party Out

Director: Jason Leaver

Year: 2010

Season: 1, Episode: 4

Episodes: 71

Plot: Ingredients for a high school party: a parentless basement, mood lighting, a fool dancing, someone crying in the bathroom.
Original Title: Party Out
Director: Jason Leaver
Writer: Jason Leaver
Producer: Eric Taylor , Kara Dymond
Type: episode
Year: 2010
Genres: Drama
Cast: Corey Lof , Kate Conway , Lindsey Middleton , Elizabeth Stuart-Morris , Carolyn Nettleton , Sarah Robbins , Thomas Leaver-Fraser , Will Cai , Andie Hartshorne-Pople , Claire Wiecien-Sherwood , Sean Sandberg , Coco Siu , Dan Beausoleil , Wendy Donaldson
Countries: Canada
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 19 Aug 2010
Akas: Party Out (Canada)
Production Companies: J Leaver Presentations
Cinematographer: Jason Leaver
Producer: Eric Taylor , Kara Dymond
Production Manager: David Abatka
Art Direction: Lizz Hodgson
Editor: Jason Leaver
Sound Crew: Amanda Mitro
Visual Effects: Jason Leaver
Miscellaneous Crew: Michel Cantigneaux
Camera and Electrical Department: Jason Leaver , Will Conlon
Script Department: David Abatka
Seasons: Kara Dymond
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Number of Episodes: 71
Episode of: Party Out