Director: Scott Peters

Year: 2019

Season: 1, Episode: 10

Episodes: 18

Plot: Amelia and her friends hold the series wrap party in the flat. Poppy goes into organiser mode and Amelia has a gruesome incident with a piñata.
Original Title: Party
Director: Scott Peters
Writer: Claire McCarthy , Tony Cooke , Madeleine Brettingham , Paul Neafcy , Graham Davies , Amelia Gething , Luke Frost , Amanda Graham
Producer: Sid Cole , Graham Davies
Type: episode
Year: 2019
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Natalia Hinds , Alex Griffin-Griffiths , Jasmin Hinds , James Phoenix , Amelia Gething , Mike Sweeney-Collier
Original Air Date: 05 Oct 2019
Rating: 9.4
Votes: 9
Year: 2019
Producer: Sid Cole , Graham Davies
Editor: Mark Elliott
Editorial Department: Neil Parker
Miscellaneous Crew: Adam Moorcroft , Sam Brocklebank
Make Up: Lois Pickup , Jenna Hacking , Rebecca Drape
Art Department: Amy Johnson , Nick Bruin , Rebecca J Higgins
Camera and Electrical Department: Marc Spicer , Abi Timmins , Luis Zarzo , Harry Cohn , Paul Tymon
Costume Department: Kim Thackeray
Production Design: Nick Bruin
Script Department: Daniel Maier
Seasons: Jo Buckingham
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Number of Episodes: 18
Episode of: Party