One Day

One Day


Year: 1976

Season: 7, Episode: 114

Episodes: 3074

Plot: Oscar witnesses as Bob and Linda run into each other and have a pleasant exchange, and tries to sabotage their conversation by answering Bob's questions to her. Bob explains to Linda that Oscar is bothering him while he talks to her, and she yells at Oscar in sign language, thus "out-grouching" him. Sesame Street Animal Films: Penguins take a bath. Music: Joe Raposo. Five bugs are counted, until one bug engulfs the other four. Artist: Etienne Delessert. Muppet and Kid Moment: David says he can count to twelve hundred, but Farley would prefer just hearing him count to twelve. George uses barrels to count to ten. H - Horse.—hammerhead-dk
Original Title: One Day
Type: episode
Year: 1976
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Music, Musical
Countries: United States
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Original Air Date: 06 May 1976
Akas: One Day (United States)
Production Companies: Children's Television Workshop
Certificates: Greece:K , United States:TV-Y
Season: 7
Episode: 114
Number of Episodes: 3074
Episode of: One Day