On the Street and in the Sheets


On the Street and in the Sheets


Year: 2022

Season: 1, Episode: 63

Episodes: 80

Plot: We are letting our freak flags fly in the streets and in the sheets on this weeks episode of The Dirty Little Secrets Club Podcast. Dayna (Where's Our Participation Trophy) and Brimstone (The Grindhouse Radio) get a life update from our favorite little spicy pepper, Jalapeño Girl. We also get secrets on manly man etiquette, googling the black market, love in the wrong places, and being cordially invited to a pegging party. Don't worry, we'll never tell. Welcome to the club.
Original Title: On the Street and in the Sheets
Writer: Brimstone , Dayna Pereira
Producer: Brimstone , Dayna Pereira
Type: episode
Year: 2022
Genres: Talk-Show
Cast: Brimstone , Dayna Pereira
Original Air Date: 26 Jul 2022
Producer: Brimstone , Dayna Pereira
Season: 1
Episode: 63
Number of Episodes: 80
Episode of: On the Street and in the Sheets