Nostalgic Z

Nostalgic Z

Director: Carl Bouteiller

Year: 2012

Plot: Zombies gotta die, Zombie bankers gotta pay !
Original Title: Nostalgic Z
Director: Carl Bouteiller
Writer: Carl Bouteiller
Producer: Carl Bouteiller , Chaignaud Christophe
Type: movie
Year: 2012
Genres: Short, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Cast: Richard Rider , Luis Villegas , Françis Decker , Jonathan Burteaux
Runtimes: 15
Countries: France
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Rating: 7.2
Votes: 37
Year: 2012
Production Companies: NSTY Productions
Synopsis: A tough Vietnam veteran and his nerdy side-kick instruct us in the fine art of zombie extermination, be they the standard issue unemployed zombies, or the reviled zombie bankers.
Cinematographer: Guillaume Lomprez
Producer: Carl Bouteiller , Chaignaud Christophe
Production Manager: Rosine Visiedo
Certificates: United States:Not Rated
Composer: Pascal Busolin , Louis Limpalaer
Editor: Carl Bouteiller
Sound Crew: Florian Penot , Loïc Gourbe , Renaud Lemonnerie
Visual Effects: Frederic Tena , Guillaume Riboulet , Alexandre Boudy
Miscellaneous Crew: Yi Zhao , Françis Decker
Make Up: Mathieu Capmarty , Émilie Baudry , Sarah Pariset
Assistant Director: Aurore Phanariotis
Camera and Electrical Department: Antoine Avart , Pascal Le Mevel , Thomas Vankerrebroeck
Set Decoration: Pierre Farinole
Costume Department: Clémence Ramelet
Stunt Performer: Françis Decker
Seasons: Charlotte Roustang