Noise of Silence

Noise of Silence

Director: Theresa Henning

Year: 2018

Plot: Three strangers in a car. Ulrike, without a job or apartment, Anna, abandoned and desperate, and Thomas, aimless and unconscious. Fate forces them to team up and drive through Germany. During the road trip they encounter god, celebrate Persian new year, shoot a movie and dream of unconditional love. Film and fiction merge.
Original Title: Krach der Stille
Director: Theresa Henning
Writer: Theresa Henning
Type: movie
Year: 2018
Genres: Drama
Cast: Javeh Asefdjah , Theresa Henning , Recardo Koppe , Elmira Bahrami , Salome Dastmalchi , Reto Maria Assisi , Raphael Fülöp , Michael Goussev , Tom Bohnsack , Anne Wiese , Dona Assisi , Heide Simon
Runtimes: 84
Countries: Germany
Languages: German
Color Info: Color
Akas: Noise of Silence (United States) , Noise of Silence (World-wide, English title) , Noise of Silence (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: Kinderzimmerproduktion
Cinematographer: Moritz von Dungern
Composer: Yuri Pascual
Editor: Roman Tsukman
Sound Crew: Marc Reinkober , Stefanie Fehrmann , Andreas Fertig