Nobody Lives Forever

Nobody Lives Forever

Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik

Year: 2014

Season: 2, Episode: 10

Episodes: 52

Plot: The victim: John Rivera, the well liked and respected chair of the Green Point Equestrian Centre, and the primary shareholder's son-in-law. The killer: Isabelle Flores, the Salvadoran nanny to Becky, the daughter of new Green Point member, the controlling divorcée Victoria Hill. John is found in the stables trampled to death by his own horse, Esperanza. But what Brian finds on site points to John's death being murder, namely his wife Jennifer's car filled with cinder blocks, rope and the trunk lined with plastic. Jennifer has an alibi for the time of John's death. Betty's autopsy confirms that John was also drugged by a high dose of ketamine, which would have killed him otherwise. As Brian delves more into John's goings-on over the past few days, Angie and Oscar come to a theory if John was indeed the intended target, or... With no information about John older than one year, they will have to uncover who John was before those records of him start to find a relationship to someone within his current circle and the possible motive. Meanwhile, Oscar has Angie's back with regard to an issue not associated with the case. And Samantha continues to pressure Angie into testifying as Mark's character witness, Angie who does give her answer.—Huggo
Original Title: Nobody Lives Forever
Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik
Writer: Thomas Pound , James Thorpe , Daniel Cerone
Producer: Lindsay MacAdam , Katherine Collins , Ben Brafman , Daniel Cerone , Louise Clark , Erin Haskett , Dennis Heaton , Rob LaBelle , Kristin Lehman , John G. Lenic , Rob Merilees , Paul Redford , Derek Schreyer , James Thorpe
Type: episode
Year: 2014
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Cast: Hugo Ateo , Lina Roessler , Valerie Tian , Warren Christie , Barbara Kottmeier , Brendan Penny , Nathan Witte , Alison Araya , Emilio Merritt , Aislyn Watson , Harmen Van Andel , Kristin Lehman , Louis Ferreira , Lauren Holly , Ona Grauer , Laura Mennell , Alex Zahara , Michael Kopsa
Runtimes: 42
Countries: Canada
Languages: English , Spanish
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 08 May 2014
Rating: 8.0
Votes: 108
Year: 2014
Akas: Nobody Lives Forever (Canada)
Production Companies: Bell Media , Foundation Features , Lark Productions , Motive Productions II
Distributors: American Broadcasting Company (ABC) , CTV Television Network
Cinematographer: Ryan McMaster
Producer: Lindsay MacAdam , Katherine Collins , Ben Brafman , Daniel Cerone , Louise Clark , Erin Haskett , Dennis Heaton , Rob LaBelle , Kristin Lehman , John G. Lenic , Rob Merilees , Paul Redford , Derek Schreyer , James Thorpe
Production Manager: Rebecca DiPasquale , Trish Williams , Virginia Rankin , Karen Anne Smith , Christina Toy , Andrew Williamson
Art Direction: David Clarke
Certificates: United States:TV-14
Composer: Shawn Pierce
Editor: Stein Myhrstad
Editorial Department: Fred W. Richters , Kevin Fairfax Harwood , Ren Manlolo , James Lawson , Claudio Sepulveda
Sound Crew: Sylvia Zaradic , Graham Timmer , Gord Hillier , Stephane Bourgeault , Gordon Sproule , Mike Kovac , Aaron Olson , Grady Coolican , Dean Giammarco , Patrick Haskill , Maureen Murphy , Bill Sheppard , Dave Hibbert
Visual Effects: Jason Korber , Eve Fizzinoglia , Jess Brown , Pedro Colmenares , Amelie Zunk
Music Department: Natasha Duprey , Paul Shatto , Adam Lastiwka
Miscellaneous Crew: Laura Wheeler , Carole Appleby , Vincent Dela Luna , Nathan Conchie , Julie Puckrin , Stace Synkiw , Corinna Johnson , Amber Ripley , Virginia Prasad , Kyle Fogden , Derek Moore , Lisa Ciniglio , Ashley Olpherts , Leah Gauthier , Nancy Shaw , Jannes Wessels , David Magee , Sarah Tichenor , Julie Waterhouse , Danny Ho
Other Companies: DBC Sound , Encore Vancouver , Entertainment Partners Canada , Heenan Blaikie Chandler Fogden , National Bank of Canada , Pound & Grain Digital
Costume Designer: Ellen Anderson
Make Up: Ceilidh Dunn , Rebecca Lee , Forest Sala
Assistant Director: Beth Welch , Lindsay McJannett , Kathy Houghton , Michael Shandley
Art Department: Alexandra Jastrzembska , Scott Wellenbrink , Jerry Staar , Ben Wildeman , Heather Murray , Dean Parnham , Dean Barker , Renee Baril , Athena Wong
Camera and Electrical Department: Brendan Chalmers , Mark Chow , Jesse Keay , Jay Rathore , Colin Robson , Simon Smith , Ryan Purcell
Set Decoration: Carol Lavallee
Costume Department: Heather Osborne
Production Design: Ross Dempster
Special Effects: Ian Korver , Gary Minielly
Script Department: Anthony Epp , Patti Henderson
Stunt Performer: Hugo Steele , Douglas Chapman
Location Management: Karen Lo , Josh Pickens
Number of Seasons: Victor Formosa , Jovan Vujatovic , Brian Whitlock , Marc R. Poitras , Red Murphy
Seasons: Sara Isaacson , Maureen Webb
Casting Department: Colleen Bolton , Sandra-Ken Freeman
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Number of Episodes: 52
Episode of: Nobody Lives Forever
Special Effects Companies: Stargate Studios