No Body
video game

No Body

Director: Magnum Phoenix

Plot: After a lifetime of being stalked by something in the shadows, you find yourself at the bottom of The Well, a bizarre and dangerous reality that is inhabited by Anomalies, strange and bloodthirsty creatures that lurk at every turn.
Director: Magnum Phoenix
Writer: Magnum Phoenix
Type: video game
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Cast: Nathan Wagner , Corey Wilder , Ryan Do , Shakyra Dunn , Krystal Quezada , Nicolle Zambrano , Sebastian Stag Agner , Magnum Phoenix , Alexander Valdes , Sarah Yates , Marc Marshall
Countries: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Akas: No Body (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: Ghost Coast Games
Composer: Sammy , Ren , Jacob Cook , Ultimeka , Gavin Cooper
Production Status: pre production
Production Status Updated: 28 Sep 2022