Nikki DeLoach/Catherine McCord


Nikki DeLoach/Catherine McCord


Year: 2021

Season: 9, Episode: 120

Episodes: 1780

Plot: Actress Nikki Deloach; Weelicious founder Catherine McCord makes challah French toast; Ken Wingard makes DIY dot wall hooks; Amy Latta, hand-lettering expert, makes DIY hand-lettered shoes; Kym Douglas throws a very Merry Christmas in July party; Maria Provenzano makes DIY summer placemats;—anonymous
Original Title: Nikki DeLoach/Catherine McCord
Producer: Eric Leja , Laura Pierson , Wendy Miller
Type: episode
Year: 2021
Genres: Talk-Show
Cast: Kym Douglas , Maria Provenzano , Kenneth Wingard , Amy Latta , Debbie Matenopoulos , Cameron Mathison , Nikki Deloach , Catherine McCord
Runtimes: 60
Original Air Date: 21 Jul 2021
Production Companies: H and F Productions
Distributors: Hallmark Channel
Producer: Eric Leja , Laura Pierson , Wendy Miller
Miscellaneous Crew: Lori Jonas , Emma Hendrikson
Assistant Director: Borna Galanoi
Script Department: Eddie Deirmenjian
Season: 9
Episode: 120
Number of Episodes: 1780
Episode of: Nikki DeLoach/Catherine McCord