Ne drogni!
tv series

Ne drogni!


Year: 2022

Plot: According to the rules of the game, in each of the four trials, the presenters choose one ward for themselves. The task of the participants is not to flinch, even if it is very scary. Both a harmless whistle and a bursting balloon, as well as current, shooting or even a flamethrower volley can scare. Each wince brings the hero a point. The one who trembled the least number of times will become the winner, and the presenter, whose wards scored the most points, is forced to pass the test himself.
Original Title: Ne drogni!
Writer: Nadezhda Degtyarenko , Kirill Babanov , Anton Kostyuk
Type: tv series
Year: 2022
Genres: Comedy, Game-Show
Cast: Mikhail Galustyan , Valya Karnaval , Artur Babich
Runtimes: 45
Countries: Russia
Languages: Russian
Color Info: Color
Akas: Не дрогни! (Russia)
Production Companies: FMP Grupp , Lean-M
Distributors: CTC , Wink
Certificates: Russia:16+
Series Years: 2022-