My Little Princess

My Little Princess

Director: Enzo Zelocchi

Year: 2010

Plot: A young Jewish man, Aaron, mid twenties, whos returned home from the war in Iraq to find his wife, Sarah, on her deathbed. He finds the strength to go on living as hes faced with yet another tragedy, the impending death of his little girl, Irene, diagnosed with terminal cancer. Grief stricken, the young fathers love triumphs, to bring sweetness and magic to Irene last days on earth, as a little princess. This film depicts the strength of human spirit and compassion, the beauty of faith, love and the heart of family.—Enzo Zelocchi
Original Title: My Little Princess
Director: Enzo Zelocchi
Writer: Enzo Zelocchi
Producer: Mycole Metcalf , Enzo Zelocchi , Vicki Goldsmith , Adam Karst , Joe Michalczyk
Type: movie
Year: 2010
Genres: Romance, Drama, Family
Cast: Mycole Metcalf , Enzo Zelocchi , David M. Edelstien , Kevin Michael Martin , Amy Talebizadeh , Elle Labadie , Charlotte Labadie , Simcha Levenberg , Glenda Labadie , Casey Cadag , Marsha Warren , Camille Labadie , Ariana Warren
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Rating: 3.0
Votes: 43577
Year: 2010
Akas: Моя маленькая принцесса (Russia)
Production Companies: Enzo Zelocchi Films , The Zelocchi Company , White Universal Productions
Cinematographer: Tim Otholt
Producer: Mycole Metcalf , Enzo Zelocchi , Vicki Goldsmith , Adam Karst , Joe Michalczyk
Production Manager: Enzo Zelocchi
Art Direction: Enzo Zelocchi
Box Office: $10 (estimated) , $1,500,000
Editor: Ethan Holzman
Editorial Department: Alex Ferrari
Sound Crew: Luke Gilson
Music Department: Enzo Zelocchi
Miscellaneous Crew: Sebastien Betsch , Nora Gunner , Cindy Freeman
Thanks: Piergiorgio Sasso
Other Companies: Numb Robot , Red Digital Cinema
Make Up: Myken Wang , Jamie Miller
Assistant Director: Elaine Marie Gibson , Troy Dovey
Art Department: Shalome Pilon
Camera and Electrical Department: Jameson Jordan , Matthew Corder , David A. Hoffman
Set Decoration: Matthew Corder
Videos: Video 1 , Video 2
Script Department: Melinda Denny