My Fair Opponent

My Fair Opponent

Director: Peter Baldwin

Year: 1972

Season: 3, Episode: 22

Episodes: 117

Plot: Marcia's class nominates ugly duckling Molly Webber for Senior Banquet Night host as a joke. Marcia decides to give her a makeover so she can win. But what will Marcia do when she discovers at the last minute that she's Molly's competition?
Original Title: My Fair Opponent
Director: Peter Baldwin
Writer: Sherwood Schwartz , Bernie Kahn
Producer: Howard Leeds , Lloyd J. Schwartz , Sherwood Schwartz
Type: episode
Year: 1972
Genres: Comedy, Family
Cast: Suzanne Roth , Robert Reed , Florence Henderson , Ann B. Davis , Maureen McCormick , Eve Plumb , Susan Olsen , Barry Williams , Christopher Knight , Mike Lookinland , William Wellman Jr. , Debi Storm , C. Lindsay Workman
Runtimes: 26
Countries: United States
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1
Sound Mix: Mono
Original Air Date: 03 Mar 1972
Rating: 7.6
Votes: 184
Year: 1972
Akas: My Fair Opponent (United States)
Production Companies: Paramount Television , Redwood Productions
Distributors: American Broadcasting Company (ABC) , Paramount Home Entertainment
Cinematographer: Robert G. Hager
Producer: Howard Leeds , Lloyd J. Schwartz , Sherwood Schwartz
Production Manager: Ted Leonard , Edward K. Milkis , Ralph W. Nelson , Sam Strangis , Thomas D. Tannenbaum
Art Direction: Jack De Shields , Bill Ross
Certificates: Australia:G , United States:Not Rated::(DVD rating) , United States:TV-14
Composer: Frank De Vol
Editor: Bill E. Garst
Editorial Department: Carl Mahakian
Sound Crew: William M. Andrews , James R. Wright
Music Department: The Brady Bunch Kids , Frank De Vol , Kenyon Hopkins , Jack Lowry , Sherwood Schwartz
Other Companies: Chrysler Corporation , Glen Glenn Sound Company
Make Up: Sharleen Rassi
Assistant Director: Bill Green
Set Decoration: Dorcy Howard
Script Department: Tam Spiva
Seasons: Edward R. Morse
Casting Department: Mildred Gusse
Season: 3
Episode: 22
Number of Episodes: 117
Episode of: My Fair Opponent