Murderous Women

Murderous Women


Year: 2006

Season: 1, Episode: 3

Episodes: 38

Plot: Over 90% of murders are committed by men. But what motivates the women who are driven to kill? Most women who do kill, murder those closest to them, Find the striking difference between men and women killers.
Original Title: Murderous Women
Producer: Julian P. Hobbs , Shelley Schulze , Beth Hoppe
Type: episode
Year: 2006
Genres: Documentary, Crime
Cast: Michael Stone , Pat Brown , Cathy Wood , Theresa Knorr , Gwen Graham , Suellen Vance , Amanda Boekelheide , Marybeth Tinning , Tim Hopper , Aileen Wuornos
Runtimes: 44
Original Air Date: 27 Jul 2006
Rating: 6.6
Votes: 36
Year: 2006
Production Companies: Optomen Productions
Cinematographer: Dan Walworth
Producer: Julian P. Hobbs , Shelley Schulze , Beth Hoppe
Certificates: United States:TV-14
Miscellaneous Crew: Colin Rampton , Jeff Hasler
Art Department: Maxwell Nalevansky
Casting Department: Erin Browne
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Number of Episodes: 38
Episode of: Murderous Women