Mr Gay Syria

Mr Gay Syria

Director: Ayse Toprak

Year: 2017

Plot: Mr. Gay Syria follows two gay Syrian refugees who are trying to rebuild their lives. Husein is a barber in Istanbul, living a double life between his conservative family and his gay identity. Mahmoud is the founder of Syria's LGBTI movement and is a refugee in Berlin. What brings them together is a dream: to participate in an international beauty contest as an escape from their trapped lives and an answer to their invisibility. Will the dream come true or will the refugee crisis and the harsh consequences of being gay in the Muslim world shatter it to pieces?
Original Title: Mr Gay Syria
Director: Ayse Toprak
Writer: Ayse Toprak
Producer: Christine Kiauk , Ekin Calisir , Antoine Simkine
Type: movie
Year: 2017
Genres: Documentary, Drama
Runtimes: 85
Countries: Turkey , Germany , Malta , France
Languages: Arabic , English , Turkish
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 11 May 2018 (Turkey)
Rating: 6.8
Votes: 261
Year: 2017
Akas: Mr. Gay Syria (Turkey, Turkish title) , Mr. Gay Syria (Germany) , Un Visa pour la Liberté - Mr Gay Syria (France) , Μίστερ Γκέι Συρία (Greece)
Production Companies: Coin Film , Les Films d'Antoine , Toprak Films
Distributors: Outplay
Cinematographer: Hajo Schomerus
Producer: Christine Kiauk , Ekin Calisir , Antoine Simkine
Certificates: France:Tous publics , Germany:6 , Turkey:15+
Composer: Zeid Hamdan
Editor: Nadia Ben Rachid
Editorial Department: Sercan Sezgin
Sound Crew: Freddy Fleing , Henning Hein , Gabriel Mathé , Vincent Rozenberg , Jonas Lux
Miscellaneous Crew: Gaïa Rase Casanova , Laura Freialdenhoven
Other Companies: Chaussee SoundVision