Michel and Dopey

Michel and Dopey


Year: 2020

Season: 1, Episode: 16

Episodes: 30

Plot: Michel is reunited with his long-lost daughter, who is promptly arrested for murder.
Original Title: Michel and Dopey
Producer: Hiroo Maruyama
Type: episode
Year: 2020
Genres: Animation, Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Cast: Brianna Roberts
Runtimes: 24
Original Air Date: 01 Feb 2020
Rating: 5.7
Votes: 11
Year: 2020
Production Companies: Production I.G.
Cinematographer: Kazuya Arahata
Producer: Hiroo Maruyama
Certificates: United States:TV-14
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Number of Episodes: 30
Episode of: Michel and Dopey