Director: Vasyl Lyah

Year: 2019

Plot: Ihor works from home in a taxi answering service. He seems to be imprisoned in his room in a depressing apartment block opposite the pompous Orthodox cathedral. To escape the hopelessness, Ihor tries to interpret his precarious daily life as creatively as possible. Growing sunflowers on his balcony and creating rotoscoping animation on an out-of-date black&white printer become important rituals of resistance.
Original Title: Metawork
Director: Vasyl Lyah
Producer: Yulia Serdyukova , Sashko Protyah
Type: movie
Year: 2019
Genres: Documentary, Short
Cast: Vasyl Lyah , Ihor Fomin
Runtimes: 25
Countries: Ukraine
Languages: Russian , Ukrainian
Color Info: Color
Akas: Метаробота (Ukraine) , Metarobota (Ukraine) , Metarobota
Production Companies: NGO Freefilmerz , Ukrainian Cultural Foundation , Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
Cinematographer: Vasyl Lyah
Producer: Yulia Serdyukova , Sashko Protyah
Production Manager: Iryna Berezneva
Composer: Ihor Fomin
Editor: Vasyl Lyah
Editorial Department: Vova Morrow
Sound Crew: Kateryna Gerasymchuk
Thanks: Oksana Kazmina , Aleksandra Tkachenko , Ihor Fomin , Mykola Koryshkin
Animation Department: Ihor Fomin
Production Design: Vova Morrow