Meerkat Itch!

Meerkat Itch!

Director: Kevin Snoad

Year: 2016

Season: 1, Episode: 49

Episodes: 75

Plot: When a baby meerkat escapes into Wissper's home her mum's animal allergy is ignited and she starts to itch! Wissper manages to take the meerkat back to the garden where she discovers mum is not the only one with a tickly itch! Wissper summons Dan the wise old panda for advice. He helps her find a natural remedy that relieves an itchy meerkat and then Wissper's mum as well!
Original Title: Meerkat Itch!
Director: Kevin Snoad
Producer: Hans-Ulrich Stoef , Jo Daris
Type: episode
Year: 2016
Genres: Animation
Cast: Cystine Carreon , Simon Zwiers , Renée van Wegberg , Alexander de Bruijn , Joey Schalker , Pepijn Koolen , Valentijn Avé , Manou Jue Cardoso , Margreet Broekman , Polly Lindeboom , Has Drijver , Erik van der Horst
Original Air Date: 13 Sep 2016
Producer: Hans-Ulrich Stoef , Jo Daris
Certificates: United States:TV-Y
Composer: Peter Miller , Ian Porter
Sound Crew: Jamie Leipert , Graham Patterson , Hodei Rubio-Lacey
Visual Effects: Tushar Samal
Music Department: James Burrell
Miscellaneous Crew: Colm Griffin , Morgan O'Brien
Season: 1
Episode: 49
Number of Episodes: 75
Episode of: Meerkat Itch!