Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe Tomorrow

Director: Alex K. Lee

Year: 2013

Plot: Two students, Sarah and Philip, after meeting online develop a tragic plan to end their lives. They decide to meet and hike into the mountains where they would jump off a cliff together. They share their thoughts and struggles, looking into enduring issues about family, depression and fulfillment, while also touching upon the unique issues of growing up in the modern world.—Anonymous
Original Title: La vie nous appartient
Director: Alex K. Lee
Writer: Alex K. Lee
Producer: Angelo D'Agostino , Teresa Heller
Type: movie
Year: 2013
Genres: Drama
Cast: Florent Arnoult , Alix Bénézech
Runtimes: 89
Countries: Austria
Languages: French
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 25 May 2016 (France)
Rating: 6.2
Votes: 85
Year: 2013
Akas: Maybe Tomorrow (United States) , Maybe Tomorrow (World-wide, English title) , Maybe Tomorrow (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: Penny Lane Film
Distributors: Blue Movies Production , Isla Sales , Shami Media Group
Cinematographer: Marco Zimprich
Producer: Angelo D'Agostino , Teresa Heller
Production Manager: Andreas Ladengruber
Certificates: South Korea:12
Composer: Tomas Leonhardt
Editor: Matthias Halibrand , David Baudry
Editorial Department: Erwan Geri , David Baudry , Kurt Hennrich
Sound Crew: Matthias Ermert , Andreas Pils , Michael Zachhuber , Laura Endres , Tjandra Warsosumarto
Visual Effects: Matthias Halibrand , Marius Hanganutiu
Music Department: Luca Solbiati , Arno Engelhardt
Miscellaneous Crew: Tobias Dorffner , Elena Aumayr , Rene Gausler , Cara Y. Heller , Julia Heller
Make Up: Albin Obermeier
Assistant Director: Teresa Heller , Erwan Geri
Camera and Electrical Department: Alexander Zittner , Christian Flatzek , Philipp Rusch , Axel Bierbaum , Stefan Pfleger , Jason Visco , Thomas Hajnik
Costume Department: Laura Tille
Production Design: Christoph Fischer
Script Department: Klaudia Bachinger
Stunt Performer: Cornelia Dworak
Location Management: Georg Kirsch