Director: Takashi Kanno

Year: 1985

Plot: The boyfriend has a huge gambling problem. He ended up in debt of over million dollars. The only way he could pay the debt was selling his fiancé into sex slave. When she gets kidnapped and found out why she was kidnapped all because her fiancé owed over millions of dollars and sold her into sex slavery. She ended up on a island where no one can find her where they train all the women there into bdsm and teach them how to be obedient sex slaves. Escape from this island is extremely impossible. Anyone who tried ended up dead or if they survive the punishment is much worse. Does she find out that she truly loves being a sex slave or does she get justice? Does she ended up getting both?
Original Title: Mazohisuto
Director: Takashi Kanno
Writer: Itsumichi Isomura
Producer: Minoru Ueki , Shôichi Takahashi , Hiroshi Hanzawa , Hidehiro Ito
Type: movie
Year: 1985
Cast: Naomi Sugishita , Yuji Nogami , Minako Ogawa , Kazuyo Ezaki
Runtimes: 72
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 29 Nov 1985 (Japan)
Rating: 6.4
Votes: 12
Year: 1985
Akas: マゾヒスト (Japan, Japanese title) , Masochist (United States) , Masochist (World-wide, English title) , Masochist (United Kingdom)
Production Companies: Big Bang Company Ltd.
Distributors: Nikkatsu , Tsutaya Reproduction Cinema Library
Cinematographer: Kôichi Suzuki
Producer: Minoru Ueki , Shôichi Takahashi , Hiroshi Hanzawa , Hidehiro Ito
Composer: Hiroki Sakaguchi
Editor: Jun'ichi Kikuchi
Assistant Director: Katsuji Kanazawa
Camera and Electrical Department: Mitsuhiro Endô