Malice Mizer: Bel Air
music video

Malice Mizer: Bel Air


Year: 1997

Plot: The hero and the heroine, designated lovers, decide to go to a fortune-teller, which tells them that the heroine will die. The hero suffers from depression due to the devastating news. When drinking at a bar, the nobleman and the heroines brother alerts the hero that something happened to the heroine. The hero rushes home, alerted that his lover has passed away without him being there for her during her last moments.—Anonymous
Original Title: Malice Mizer: Bel Air
Type: music video
Year: 1997
Genres: Music
Cast: Gackt , Malice Mizer , Mana Sama , Közi , Yu-Ki , Kami
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Color Info: Color::(Color)
Akas: Malice Mizer: Vers Elle (France) , Malice Mizer: Verte Aile (France)
Box Office: $10,000 (estimated)