Make Room for Mom


Make Room for Mom


Season: 2, Episode: 14

Episodes: 91

Plot: After successfully raising three kids on her own, Frances was proud to finally be able to buy her very own home. But with two of her kids still living at home, she gave them the upstairs rooms and headed for the dark, damp basement bedroom which houses the water meter. Chris, her oldest, has his own place but is finding it difficult to get his life on track. Lately he's developed the habit of dropping by, often staying for days at a time. The small, cramped space means that tension soon begins to mount and arguments eventually break out. But even though the whole household is turned upside down, Frances cannot bring herself to tell Chris to get out.—General Purpose Pictures
Type: episode
Genres: Family, Reality-TV
Production Companies: General Purpose Entertainment , Retrofit Productions
Sound Crew: Marina Hashemi
Miscellaneous Crew: Christina Buchli
Season: 2
Episode: 14
Number of Episodes: 91
Episode of: Make Room for Mom