Long Lost Brothers

Long Lost Brothers


Year: 2016

Season: 1, Episode: 98

Episodes: 99

Plot: Two brothers, Zack (Dan Hill) and Toby (Kieran Gould) are on the run from some shady individuals. Before leaving town they stop at a lake to try and clear the air between them.
Original Title: Long Lost Brothers
Writer: Daniel Hill , Justin Brewster
Producer: Daniel Hill
Type: episode
Year: 2016
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Daniel Hill , Kieran Gould
Runtimes: 8
Languages: English
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 19 Dec 2016
Cinematographer: Emmanuelle Bourgeat
Producer: Daniel Hill
Editor: Emmanuelle Bourgeat
Sound Crew: Ian Shatwell , Chris Vassallo
Visual Effects: Sally Hicks
Season: 1
Episode: 98
Number of Episodes: 99
Episode of: Long Lost Brothers