Live Show, Quarter-Finals #1


Live Show, Quarter-Finals #1

Director: Alan Carter

Year: 2011

Season: 1, Episode: 7

Episodes: 568

Plot: In this live performance phase of the competition, the top vocalists from each team will compete against each other during a live broadcast. America will vote to save one vocalist on each team, leaving coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton to decide during the live show who they will save and who will not move on. Finally, each coach will have their best vocalist left standing to compete in the finale for the chance to win the grand prize of a $100,000 and a recording contract.—NBC Publicity
Original Title: Live Show, Quarter-Finals #1
Director: Alan Carter
Writer: John de Mol
Producer: Michelle McNulty , Teddy Valenti , Audrey Morrissey , Rob Crawford , Melissa A. Wong , Jen McClure-Metz , Anthea Bhargava , Nicolle Yaron , Chad Hines , Dan Paschen , Amanda Horning , Kyley Tucker , Brittany Martin Porter , Stijn Bakkers , Mark Burnett , Carson Daly , John de Mol , Dean Houser , Lee Metzger
Type: episode
Year: 2011
Genres: Music, Reality-TV
Cast: Raquel Castro , Frenchie Davis , Blake Shelton , Alison Haislip , Adam Levine , Mollee Gray , Jared Blake , Javier Colon , Beverly McClellan , Dia Frampton , Derek Blankenship , Sylvia Yacoub , Carson Daly , Christina Aguilera , CeeLo Green
Original Air Date: 07 Jun 2011
Rating: 6.6
Votes: 40
Year: 2011
Production Companies: One Three Media , Mark Burnett Productions , Warner Horizon Television
Synopsis: "The Voice" - Quarter-Finals 1 June 7, 2011Performance: The judges Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton perform a Queen medley with Adam handling parts of "Bohemian Rhapsody," Cee Lo and Blake on "We Will Rock You"-- with Adam handling the guitar solo-- and Christina taking over for "We Are The Champions" and the boys joining her. Christina ends on a huge run as sparklers fall behind her. It is all faintly ridiculous.Carson tells us we're live and down to 16 "artists."We then get a recap of the "world's most exciting singing competition" thus far. The blind competition, the team assemblage, the mentoring sessions, the battle duets.Two teams will face off:Team Christina: Frenchie Davis, Beverly McClellan, Raquel Castro, Lily EliseTeam Blake: Patrick Thomas, Jared Blake, Dia Frampton, XeniaTonight is the first night of viewer voting. There will be one viewer save and one judges' save, meaning two folks will go home next week.Christina says her girls are bringing it and she's really proud of them and once to see them all come together.Blake says his team is wearing him out and he's emotionally invested in all of them. They start jokingly trash-talking each other.Adam and Cee Lo are sitting the night out. Adam says they'll have the edge now since they'll see what the competition is. Carson asks Cee Lo to pick a team, he diplomatically says he's just looking for a good fight.Carson talks about the "digital integration" of the show with viewers able to vote by calling, texting, or downloading songs from iTunes.Contestant: Raquel Castro. Christina wants her to take it to the next level with singing and dancing. She and Hi-Hat the choreographer, help her work it out.Song:"Blow"Performance: It's a high energy dance number and she sings and moves pretty well, hitting a few clunkers probably because of breath issues. Christina stands up like a stage mom and cheers her one.Cee Lo Says there's no lying in live television and says it was wonderful.Adam Has respect that she was singing and dancingBlake Says "dammit, she is awesome" calls her one of his favorites.Christina Is so proud of her pulling it together.Contestant: Jared Blake. Blake things Jared's drawback is trying to choose between rock and country. He advises him to be more emotionally invested.Song: "Use Somebody"Performance: It starts out kind of soundalike. The song has a momentum of its own though and he's singing it well enough to score with the audience.Christina Loves how into it he gets but thought the guitar-throwing might've thrown him off a little and loves how he gets the crowd going.Cee Lo Thinks he deserves to be here and loves his voice.Adam Says it was the perfect song for him to do and he had a great time watching.Blake Is tired of the "second chance" storyline and says he's doing it. Says he's a rock guy not a country guy and to go with it.Contestant: Beverly McLellan. She has a cold so Christina tells her to rest to save her voice.Song: "I'm The Only One"Performance: Rocking a kilt and a military jacket and her bald head, she's sort of imposing but she sounds great, not impeded by her cold at all. She has charm but not much presence as she just sort of stomps around and points.Cee Lo He loves her spirit and thinks she's a natural.Adam Wow, he calls her the one that got away and said no one could tell she had a cold.Blake He's blown away and thinks she looks sexy and hot and says it was awesome.Christina She trash talks Adam about soiling his pants when he sees her.Contestant: Dia Frampton. Blake tries to coax her out of her stage fright and asks her to play piano so she can put her nervous energy into something.Song: "Heartless"Performance: She sits at the piano shrouded in dry ice. She's a quieter performer but she's got a little bit of a grit. The song doesn't have a lot of inherent range but she throws in a few airy high notes.Christina Normally thinks of her as cuddly and cozy and enjoyed seeing the fighter come out in her.Cee Lo Calls it very original and the greatest rendition of the song he's heard and says Kanye would be proud.Adam Says it was the most refreshing, unique thing he's seen on the show so far.Blake Says this is his favorite moment of "The Voice" since America got a chance to see her do what she does.We get a video package of Christina going out to dinner with her team and giving them advice by talking about taking risk and vulnerability.Performance: Team Christina performs "Lady Marmalade" with Christina herself. It is, as would be expected, big flashy and well, if over-, sung.Contestant: Xenia. Hi-Hat tries to get her loosened up. Blake buzzes her when she closes up.Song: "Price Tag"Performance: She's really sweet and cute and clearly working hard on keeping it loose, moving her arms fluidly and smiling as she sings. She's adorable and Blake is right, experience will only help her. He's singing along like a proud dad.Christina Says she's become one of her favorites and that her chops are still developing but she'd love to listen a whole album of hers.Cee Lo Calls her adorable and entertaining.Adam Likes seeing her have fun.Blake Says his heart is swollen because America is watching a star being born.Contestant: Lily Elise. Christina wants to see her let her walls down and show her sincerity and vulnerability.Song:"Big Girls Don't Cry"Performance: She winds her way around some dancers during the slow opening part of the song, which quite frankly has a few bum notes. She does seem to be letting some vulnerability show. The dancers depart. She oversings the end but she's feeling it.Cee Lo He says it takes courage to admit fear but not to worry because he really enjoyed it.Adam He says when the dancers went away she seemed more comfortable and felt more engaging.Blake Asks if her if the four "mimes" were her idea. He says by the end her voice really captured it.Christina Is so proud of her and thinks she took it to the next level.We get a video package on Blake's team visiting his house and having lunch. He advises them to put the competitive part out of their head and just let themselves fly.Performance: Team Blake performs "This Love" with Blake. (Of course this is a Maroon 5 song by fellow coach Adam Levine). Adam is pleased.Contestant: Patrick Thomas. Blake advises him to embrace the lyrics more and Patrick wants to dedicate it to his sister whose his best friend and biggest fan.Song: "I Hope You Dance"Performance: Rocking a huge cowboy hat, he sings the inspirational number with a bit of a tear in his eyes. He's kind of vanilla and earnest but he sounds fine.Christina Says he's a cutie pie and she's still waiting for him to take off his pants. Says he has an amazing voice. Makes a bunch of weird comments about their being homo-erotic undercurrents between Blake and Adam.Cee Lo Says he's one of the strongest contenders.Adam Likes that he's understated and points out that Christina wants to do it with him.Blake Says that he likes that he's classy and repping country music.Contestant: Frenchie Davis. Christina works with her on her runs and tells her she wants it to be as concise and clean as possible.Song: "When Love Takes Over"Performance: Probably the most polished singer, and definitely the most powerful, in the competition. She sounds great, a little strident in places but she has oodles of charm and grace.Cee Lo One of his favorites, great breath control and calls her seasoned.Adam Says something so beautiful about her and she made him love that song that he was indifferent to previously.Blake Says there's no doubt she's the most powerful singer in the competition and she created a party in here.Christina Says she's a big fan and loves her range and control.
Producer: Michelle McNulty , Teddy Valenti , Audrey Morrissey , Rob Crawford , Melissa A. Wong , Jen McClure-Metz , Anthea Bhargava , Nicolle Yaron , Chad Hines , Dan Paschen , Amanda Horning , Kyley Tucker , Brittany Martin Porter , Stijn Bakkers , Mark Burnett , Carson Daly , John de Mol , Dean Houser , Lee Metzger
Production Manager: Jim Roush , Mike Conner , Anna Gunne
Art Direction: Zeya Maurer , Steve Morden
Composer: Jeff Peters , Martijn Schimmer
Editor: Narumi Inatsugu , Robert M. Malachowski Jr. , Dave Wilson , Brian McDonough , Eduardo Martinez , Thomas Uncles , William Castro , Kevin Manning
Editorial Department: Robert M. Malachowski Jr. , Timothy G. Walsh
Sound Crew: Steven S. Nelson , Troy Smith , Brian Riordan , Andrew Fletcher , John Koster , Rory Ambron , John Warrin , Cico Silva , Michael Bernard , Adrian Ordonez , Kenyata Westbrook , Paul Wittman , Tim Hatayama , Michael Abbott , Ted Phillips
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Other Companies: Avon Studio Transportation , Benay's Bird & Animal Source
Costume Designer: Erin Hirsh
Animation Department: Chad J.W. Anderson
Make Up: Molly Tissavary , Jerilynn Stephens , Marylin Lee , Shawn Finch , Jessica Anderson Crocker , Jonathan Seti , Samantha Wen , Darcy Gilmore
Assistant Director: Ron Andreassen , Laura Lyons , Jay Ostrowski
Art Department: Hugh Grew
Camera and Electrical Department: Hospecio Balani , Sam Barker , Scott Hylton , Robert Lowell , Marty Boger , Oscar Dominguez , Lewis Jacobs , Bryan Fletchall , Dominick Kypragoras , Jonathan Cushing , Carson Reaves , Steve Lopez , Ryan White , Colby Festner , Clint Moran , Kirk Kamisato , Chad Lovegren , Louie Gonzalez , Ron Wirsgalla , Sean Flannery , William McLachlan , Aaron Ammerman , Dustin Ford , Danny Ault , James R. Ellis , Johnny Martinez , Fred Lopez , Ray Valerio , Patrick Ebert , Guido Frenzel , Frank Linder , John Orphan , Rick Walker , Jeffrey Wilkins
Costume Department: Shelly Viall , Adam Sabodish , Chelsea Brinkhaus , Tiger Curran , Lauren Silvestri , Martin Morse , Taylor Kannett , Lily Unkhoff , Arin Burke , Edward Dwayne Garrett , Jill Livingston , Suzy Perry , Mary Walbridge
Script Department: Diana Cuevas Henderson , Jesse Vermillion
Location Management: Alexandra Gibson , Joe Burk
Number of Seasons: Rikardo Gomez , Timothy Wolf , Peter Hough , Claudine Said , Tiffany Phelps , John Geller , Luke McWilliams
Seasons: Michelle McNulty
Casting Department: Luke Cheney , James Ehlers , Brenna Howe , Mike Plummer , Brooke Hansohn , Claudine Said , Giovanni Clark , Greg Clements
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Number of Episodes: 568
Episode of: Live Show, Quarter-Finals #1