Live from London


Live from London

Director: Derek Schoeni

Year: 2008

Season: 2, Episode: 1

Episodes: 27

Plot: In the season 2 premiere. The Soviets invaded EA's "Be The One Event" at the London Game's Festival in Trafalgar Square. This was a LIVE premiere of BattleCast Primetime Season 2. The show was streamed live across the Internet and it featured invited celebrities, Red Alert fans and hundreds and thousands of members of the public enter the BattleDome for an extravaganza that will include live and recorded appearances from some of the actors in the game such as Gemma Atkinson. In addition and for the first time, the game was used for an international live challenge between Russia's "best C&C gamer" and Great Britain's very own WCG 2007 champ Shaun "Apollo" Clark. There is also special episode of Command School, a live interview with James Hannigan (composer for Red Alert 3), and many more explosive surprises.
Original Title: Live from London
Director: Derek Schoeni
Writer: Raj Joshi , David S. Silverman
Producer: Neel Upadhye , Stephen Yemoh , David S. Silverman , Rob Mercer
Type: episode
Year: 2008
Genres: Action, News, Sci-Fi
Cast: Autumn Reeser , Gemma Atkinson , Nick Laviers , Randy Couture , Gina Carano , Raj Joshi , Greg Kasavin , Shaun Clark , David S. Silverman , Greg Black , James Hannigan , Tim Wynn , Frank Klepacki , Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg , Peter Stormare , Jonathan Pryce , George Takei , Ron Yuan , Andrew Divoff , J.K. Simmons , Kelly Hu , Tim Curry , Ivana Milicevic
Runtimes: 68
Original Air Date: 30 Oct 2008
Production Companies: Electronic Arts
Producer: Neel Upadhye , Stephen Yemoh , David S. Silverman , Rob Mercer
Editor: Neel Upadhye
Editorial Department: Jackson Lanzing
Miscellaneous Crew: Raj Joshi , Jackson Lanzing , Chase Boyajian
Thanks: Derek Simmons , Michelle Manahan , Drew Stauffer , Craig Owens , Chris Corry , Charles Polanski , Clive Downie , Sue Garfield , Bryce Yang , Jonathan Watkins , Christopher Harris , Jon Goddard , Rod Swanson , Raphaella Lima , Peter Larsen , Andrew Wong , Jason Bender , Greg Black , Abby Zirkle , Virginia Vanga , Rob Mercer , Daniel Pickett , Steve Schnur , Richard Taylor , Mike Verdu
Other Companies: Attention Seekers , GIGA Television GmbH
Art Department: Drew Stauffer , Chase Boyajian
Season: 2
Episode: 1
Number of Episodes: 27
Episode of: Live from London