Legend of the Red Panda

Legend of the Red Panda


Year: 2011

Season: 2, Episode: 17

Episodes: 105

Plot: Rosie makes up a bedtime story for Raggles, about a little red panda who wants to be brave so he searches for the Wise Blue Owl. He crawls across deserts, gets lost in dark forests... Raggles is so excited by the story, he can't wait to hear what happens next. When he tells it to Will and Big Bear, they're even more eager to know about the Red Panda's latest adventures. When word spreads to Bluebird, she broadcasts it across the garden. Wherever Rosie goes, Will tears after her or Holly pops up, desperate to find out how the story turns out - even Oakley's hooked! Not wanting to disappoint her friends, Rosie agrees to tell them the final part of the story at the Showground later. But when Holly finds Rosie sitting alone and looking worried, Rosie confesses she can't think of an ending! But Holly has a brainwave... Expectation builds as everyone gathers at the showground. The "Red Panda" appears, but he is very nervous and forgets what he's supposed to say... Rosie hastily borrows Bluebird's feather boa, and bursts on stage as the Wise Blue Owl! Together Rosie and Big Bear act out the conclusion of the story to cheers from the delighted audience.—Chris Parker
Original Title: Legend of the Red Panda
Writer: Chris Parker
Producer: Arun Roshan Jacob , Vickie Corner
Type: episode
Year: 2011
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family
Cast: Emma Tate , Wayne Forester
Runtimes: 11
Original Air Date: 05 Jul 2011
Producer: Arun Roshan Jacob , Vickie Corner
Sound Crew: Adam Smyth
Music Department: Adam Vanryne
Miscellaneous Crew: Mandy Kamester
Animation Department: Anshul Chauhan , Sukhpal Singh Vasdev , Sg Balaji , Navin John
Assistant Director: Vickie Corner
Seasons: Vickie Corner
Season: 2
Episode: 17
Number of Episodes: 105
Episode of: Legend of the Red Panda