Le Rapport de Mission

Le Rapport de Mission

Director: Maxime Chefdeville

Year: 2021

Season: 1, Episode: 12

Episodes: 13

Plot: After a hazardous mission to send a coded message from the local train station, the FIFIs get together at some secret rendez-vous spot for a debrief only to realize Eugène is now missing. Each and every one of them is going to have to tell their side of the story in order to determine the young man's whereabouts: railroaders on strike, magic tricks, an iron cross and a lot of Schnaps are on the menu of this epic season finale.
Original Title: Le Rapport de Mission
Director: Maxime Chefdeville
Writer: Mathieu Lalande , Léopold Bara , Maxime Chefdeville
Producer: Mathieu Lalande , Leila Bellec
Type: episode
Year: 2021
Genres: Comedy, War
Cast: Maximilien Poullein , Guillaume Hermange , André Lamorthe , Léopold Bara , Emmanuel Martin , David Jonquières , Frédéric Radepont , Lola Andreoni , Frédéric Deleersnyder , Alexandre Guerin , Nicolas Thiery , Eric Desport , Nicolas Leclerc , Oliver Delaby , Kévin Champalaune , Charly Bouthemy , Sébastien Lerond , Nicolas Bailleul , Garance Morel , Marine Simon , Alexandre Nowicki , Benoît Gratigny , Noël Vimard , Arthur Allizard , Jérémie Damamme , Vincent Denis , Ken Samuels
Runtimes: 19
Countries: France
Languages: German , French
Color Info: Color
Original Air Date: 25 Sep 2021
Akas: Le Rapport de Mission (France)
Production Companies: Buffalo Corp. , La French Corp
Cinematographer: Fabien Drugeon
Producer: Mathieu Lalande , Leila Bellec
Production Manager: Linsey Haguenauer
Composer: Benjamin Ribolet
Editor: Maxime Chefdeville
Editorial Department: Fabien Drugeon
Sound Crew: Géraud Bec , Maxime Chefdeville , Simon Moyse , Steven Bleusse
Visual Effects: Guillaume Gouëset
Music Department: Nicolas Simon , Orchestre de Caen
Miscellaneous Crew: Arielle Moens , Fouzia Setti , Thibaut Grimaldi
Make Up: Anne Lise Abrahamse , Mathilde Moche
Assistant Director: Kévin Champalaune
Camera and Electrical Department: Maxime Skolozdzry , Kévin Champalaune , Sébastien Lerond , Matthieu Hiebel
Location Management: Leila Bellec
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Number of Episodes: 13
Episode of: Le Rapport de Mission