La proeza

La proeza

Director: Isaac Berrocal

Year: 2018

Plot: At the beginning of the 70's in Spain, Leiza, a young city girl/woman is visiting a remote village looking for an old lady called Riina, who was recommended to help her deal with an illegal matter. Once there , she realized everything was weird, that old lady seems to have a hidden scary/dark story and sooner than later she understands than she has dropped here so as not to be ever back.—Miguel Reyes Canales
Original Title: La proeza
Director: Isaac Berrocal
Writer: Isaac Berrocal
Producer: Isabel Medarde , Víctor Matellano
Type: movie
Year: 2018
Genres: Short, Thriller
Cast: Inma Ochoa , Erika Sanz , Carina Björne , Inés Diago , Ágrata Andrés , Divina Quinina , Chiti Abraira , Celia García , Andrea Soto , Claudia Medina , Itziar Quirós , Marta Valcarcel , Mercedes Martínez , Nerea Villafañe , Raquel de la Varga , Rocio Aller , Teresa G. Álvarez
Countries: Spain
Languages: Spanish
Color Info: Color::(4K)
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1
Rating: 6.4
Votes: 10
Year: 2018
Production Companies: Bambara Zinema
Cinematographer: Sergio González
Producer: Isabel Medarde , Víctor Matellano
Composer: Pablo Vega
Editor: Isaac Berrocal
Sound Crew: Davit Benavent
Music Department: Pablo Vega
Miscellaneous Crew: Víctor Matellano
Assistant Director: Miguel Reyes
Art Department: Rakel Álvaro , Belén de la Viuda
Camera and Electrical Department: Ricardo Fernandez Ferreras
Special Effects: Estefanía Pasamonte